Art in the Age: SAGE


Local favorites Art in the Age held a small tasting of their new liquor SAGE at Vedge. SAGE is inspired by the botanicals grown in Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello garden. During Jefferson’s time aristocratic families would each make their own garden spirits that reflected their tastes.


Art in the Age’s SAGE is a botanical gin with a woodsy herbaceous flavor that features seven organic botanicals; Angelica a perennial herb that’s been utilized to flavor liquors like gin and vermouth. Dandelion a nutrient weed, Fennel an aromatic plant that tastes similar to anise and provides a pleasant licorice note, Rosemary a powerful antioxidant, Sage commonly used as an herbal remedy, Sumac a plant with spicy lemony notes, and Thyme an herb with a pleasant aroma that has been used through the ages for it’s natural preservative properties. All these herbs also have medicinal proprieties and have been used over time to cure a variety of ailments.


Guests were served four different cocktails, all mixed to highlight the versatility of SAGE.  The first Sage Blossom featuring citrus, canary melon, orange flower water and soda, was a perfect summer drink; refreshing and light, initially it gives off strong gin vibes, but as you drink on it sips like a cool spiked lemonade.  Other cocktails included The Monticello with ginger-agave syrup and lemon; Desert Berry Bramble with tequila, strawberry and lime; and lastly The Elder Sage featuring St. Germaine elderflower liqueur, lemon, grapefruit bitters and smacked fresh sage.


SAGE will be in stores soon!