Arcadia University Art Gallery presents a new film project by Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean is a world-renowned visual artist/analog film activist who’s coming to Philadelphia to debut an extraordinary new work at Arcadia University Art Gallery. Tomorrow night, join her as she unveils this long awaited piece.

From February 7 through April 21, Arcadia University Art Gallery will be showing Dean’s film. The piece was shot in ever-rarer looped 35 mm anamorphic film in the deserts of Utah and Southern California. The film portrays the passage of time, the connection between the desert and the dystopian writings of British author J.G. Ballard, and even the slow death of film in the digital age, which is a topic that Dean is quite passionate about.

The exhibition will commence at 6:30 PM, and a reception in the gallery at 7:30 PM. Admission is free but reservations are required and can be made here.