$10 in your wallet? Best places to get loaded for cheap

Broke in the city? You’re telling me. When it comes to booze money, I’m as likely as ANY high school senior (note: I am 25) to shell out $2.50 for a Four Loko and be done with it. But because sometimes it’s more fun to actually, you know, go out–and because too much Four Loko is bad for you anyway–here are MY fave places to get loaded, for cheap.

Oscar’s Tavern, 16+Sansom. Cheap greasy food, massive 23 oz beers for $3 and change

Locust Rendezvous, Broad+Locust. $2 shots, rotating $2 beers, a nice mix of tunes on the jukebox

McGlinchey’s, 15+Spruce. 10,000 years worth of grim, beers from $2.30 and shots from $1.85

Tritone, 15+South.
Less crowded than Bob+Barbara’s, cheap City Wide Specials (that’s a PBR + a whiskey shot) for $3

Dirty Frank’s, 13+Pine.
Crazy art, spirited bartenders, $2.50 for a kamikaze plus a High Life or Rollin’ Rock pony

Locust Bar, 10+Locust.
Cheeeeeeeeeap Yuengling pitchers, amusing cast of regulars

The Dive, Passyunk+Carpenter. $2 beers, $2 shots during happy hour (5-7, M-F), free pizza

Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar, Passyunk+Federal. Cans for a dollar and change, mixed drinks for not much more, free drinks on your birthday, proximity to greasy cheesesteaks

El Bar, Front+Master.
$2.50 beers, giant $4 well drinks during happy hour (4-7, M-F), cool shows on random days

The Barbary, Frankford Ave near…Hell, forget it. You know where the Barbary is. $2 PBRs, crazy specials during dance parties

Where do YOU like to down cheap drinks? Leave your faves in the comments below!