'We really just keep screwing ourselves up'

So said Union forward Jack McInerney after Saturday afternoon's 3-0 loss at Real salt Lake. Below you'll find postgame quotes from McInerney, Peter Nowak, Chris Seitz and RSL coach Jason Kreis. There's also audio of Nowak's postgame press conference, and video highlights in case you missed any of the action.

Thanks to the PR departments of both clubs for help with the quotes and audio.

Union coach Peter Nowak

On his interaction with GK Chris Seitz and his growth in the first few games:

We all need time to approach the game in the right fashion and time to get familiar with each other.  Because of the National Team and the Olympic Team, we [Seitz and I] know what to expect from each other. He has a great work ethic and he is eager to play every weekend and I appreciate the effort that he is making.

On his squad’s aggressive and upbeat style of play in the first half:

We always talk about the importance of the first goal. They [Real Salt Lake] had the chance to score the first goal and we did not convert our first chance. It’s not only difficult to make a play, but it’s also difficult to have to tie the game or win the game from behind. We made individual mistakes and that should not happen. The importance is who scored the first goal, for the overall confidence it is very important. We did not convert our chance, but Salt Lake did.

On being on the road without the team’s two best players:

We are not in the business of moral victories. We did play good soccer, but we need to convert in order to get results. I am glad that we played this way. In the second half, we were chasing the game. They got another goal and that should not have happened. We need to keep the concentration and keep our focus and try to score a goal. Teams will collect on our mistakes.

If we keep our style of play then it is going to pay off, then we are going to score the first goal and we won’t be chasing the game, and then we will win games. We have to have patience and discipline. We have a difficult stretch, and there is no doubt about that, but we are not going to lose our passion, we are not going to lose our focus, and we are not going to lose our spirit because that is more important than anything.

On what advice he’s giving his young team during a difficult opening stretch:

With preseason, the whole season is 11 months. If we go and hang our heads after five or six games, then we are in the wrong business. All we have to do is keep our spirit and our motivation and we will be good. The team works hard every single week and you can see it with how hard they work during the games. Just the mistakes we made ... they need to be eliminated. Our fitness is good and if we are going to keep working as we have, one day it will pay off.

Union forward Jack McInerney
On the difference of the Union attack in the first half:

I think we got more players forward. Our left and right [backs] got up more and we had more crosses up in the box. We really got players forward and that’s what we need to do to score.

On the opening half of the season and the effect on the team’s mindset:
There is really nothing that we can do. We are going through a tough stretch, but we just need to fix our mistakes. We really just keep screwing ourselves up every game.

On the importance of the first goal and what they are doing to get the opening goal:

We were trying to get players forward. Like today in the first minute, me and Alejandro [Moreno] were in the box and I feel like we had a great chance in the opening minute. If we would have converted that, the whole game would have changed.

Union goalkeeper Chris Seitz

On coming back to Utah against his old side:
I didn’t really look at it personally. It’s a team thing for us. We haven’t gotten the results we wanted on the road and we felt like today was a chance for us to come out and do that. Obviously we didn’t get the result, but I really looked at it as a team thing rather than a personal one.

On the difference between the first and second halves:

I think we came out and we did what we have been working on in training. I think we showed that in the first half, and we played really well as a team and as a collective group. It got a little bit away from us after halftime and we ended up chasing the game, and that’s when their goals started to come.

On the importance of continuing to attack and make the other team chase the game:

It’s huge, especially on the road, to try to get that goal. And to ride off of that, it would be huge for us. I think that we have had chances in games, I just think we are not converting, whether it’s the other team scoring or just missed opportunities.

On the difference in mindset due to being away from home for so long:

Any time you play on the road for a long time, it will always be a tough environment. We have had a tough stretch playing in Toronto, then Seattle, then here. Everyone is better at home in MLS, but for us we need to start going into places and start earning some points. That’s our main goal.

Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis

Feelings on the first half:

A lot of anger, aggravation, disappointment; I really was displeased with our first half. I really felt like Philadelphia was the better team. We were very fortunate to have a lead at all. If the score would have been what I thought it should have been it probably would have been 3-1, us down; that doesn’t make me happy at all.

I felt like Philadelphia wanted the game more in the first half and that is unacceptable, and we let the players know that. There was no disagreement on their part, and what we saw was a fantastic reaction in the second half. We ended up getting what we deserved and what we worked for, which was a result in the end.

On why RSL might have come out rusty:

I think it can be a lot of different things. We have a tendency not to play well for multiple matches in a row. I think we played a fantastic game last week, and I think in the past we’ve had difficulties coming back and playing well when we play really well one week. The next week typically there’s a little bit of a letdown, so that had played a factor. I think the afternoon kickoff played a factor in the energy level.

Sometimes in the past, probably today as well, we occasionally underestimate teams and don’t show them the proper respect that we should. So I think all three of those things added up which is why we saw what we did in the first half.

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