Video: What could have been for Freddy Adu

By now, you've probably seen John Smallwood's column on Freddy Adu in today's Daily News.

Coincidentally, Ives Galarcep also published an analysis piece about Adu on his blog this morning. It has an interesting twist. Galarcep posted a nearly 12-minute video of setup passes Adu has delivered this year that were not converted into goals by teammates.

Obviously, it's impossible to tell the story of a whole season in just 12 minutes. The video doesn't explain why Adu has only played a full 90 minutes five times in 23 appearances this year. It also doesn't say anything about Adu's personal dynamics with teammates and coaches.

But as you watch the video, it's impossible to not think about what could have been for Adu this year. So many times a shot he helped set up was saved, or hit the post, or went just wide... or got botched completely.

The only Adu highlight that wasn't included was his solo goal this past Saturday. Watch it after you watch the first video. You'd have to give it to Adu if he decided to just put the ball in the net himself after a season of so much frustration.