Video: Union vs. Columbus Crew postgame reactions

Two quick thoughts before I let the players do the talking. First, Freddy Adu seems to be in a particularly happy and relaxed mood right now. That's a very good sign.

Second, you all know for how long I've been making the point about Roger Torres' skills as a playmaker. We saw it again tonight, and it was the latest step in a growth process for the Colombian that has seen him get a lot of playing time in the last few games.

Torres seems to have become not just more confident on the ball, but more focused as well. He remains involved in the flow of the game, instead of wandering out to the flanks as he's done before. He also seems to have developed just a hint of bite in his game. I saw him track back in a couple of key situations last night and work to harass opposing midfielders who had the ball.

There are still a fair number of games left, but this was a huge and potentially season-defining win. If the Union can pull off that kind of performance Kansas City on Friday, then the team will have some serious momentum as the final push for playoff ranking begins.

I know that a lot of you are traveling to Kansas City for the game. I'm happy to say I'll be out there too. I'm really looking forward to seeing Livestrong Sporting Park, and I think it's a fitting stage for a game with huge playoff implications.

For as much as teams across the Eastern Conference have struggled this year, Friday night's matchup will definitely be worthy of the national spotlight it will receive from Fox Soccer Channel.

I doubt I'll be on here until then, unless some kind of really big news breaks. Travel safely, and enjoy the trip.