Union sign Colombian midfielder

The Union have announced the signing of 18-year-old Colombian midfielder Roger Torres on loan from Colombian powerhouse club América de Cali.

"He's another young, talented player with a lot of potential, and he'll be a strong addition to our midfield attack" Union manager Peter Nowak told the team's website. "His creativity and ability to see the whole field will help us play the way we want to play."

From where I sit, it's good to see that the Union has signed an outright central attacking midfield type. I say that knowing that Fred is on the team, and is much more likely to start in an attacking midfield position than Torres because of his experience. But Fred's best season in MLS, 2007, was spent on the left side of midfield.

As we don't yet really know what Nowak's formation will be, I don't want to conjecture too much about whether Fred will spend more time centrally or to one side of the field. But what matters more is that the Torres signing bolsters the Union's attack.

There's a good history of Colombian players succeeding in MLS, from Carlos Valderrama at the league's inception to Seattle's Freddy Montero last year. If Torres can keep that streak going, then the Union will have done very well.

It's also good to see another young South American player join the league. There is so much young talent in South America that not all of the players can command the astronomical transfer fees that the big names get to go to Europe.

The Union have posted a few photos of Torres on their website here. Post your thoughts on the signing in the comments.