Rank and File: Week 2

It's time for the first edition of our fans' player rankings survey. My goal is to do this after each league game. I think I got the first ballot out to everyone who got in touch with me last week.

If you were supposed to get a ballot but didn't, or if you'd like to join the group of voters, please send me an email and I'll add you to the list.

Voters were asked to grade each player's performance on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. There are also comments to go with the rankings, some snarky and some serious.

I want this blog to be an interactive space, so I hope this feature works out. One thing it's missing, though, is a catchy name. If you have any suggestions, post them in the comments.


Chris Seitz: 4.25
- "Customarily, one does not expect one's goaltender to panic and drop the ball when confronted by an opposing forward. In fairness, such failure to come through under pressure does place Seitz solidly within the Philadelphia sporting tradition." (Nathan Marinoff)


Cristian Arrieta: 6.75
- "Solid first game as an MLS player. Will improve." (Brad Youtz)
- "Unsung MVP = Arrieta. Biggest difference from the game vs. Seattle." (Alex Seldin)

Danny Califf: 7.25
- "The captain was solid in the back and played with a passion that will endear him to Philly fans." (Jeff Prigge)

Jordan Harvey: 6.00

Michael Orozco: 5.00
- "Hospital ball led directly to DCUs first goal." (Brad Youtz)
- "I blame the pink boots for the errant pass which led to Quaranta's goal" (Jeff Prigge)


Fred: 6.88
- "Showed what a difference his attacking presence makes as compared to what we saw without him in Seattle." (Dan Gontkof)

Andrew Jacobson: 6.00

Stefani Miglioranzi: 6.50
- "Hard to notice him and Jacobson, but they were superb in harrassing the United attack in midfield, helping the defense and allowing Fred and Torres to create on the other end." (Dan Gontkof)

Shea Salinas: 5.50

Roger Torres: 7.75
- "He's quick and has undeniable talent, but was much smaller than the defenders who marked him and was repeatedly pushed off the ball.  He needs to figure out a way to escape such treatment if he's going to develop." (Nathan Marinoff)

Nick Zimmerman: 5.20


Sebastien Le Toux: 9.50
- "He terrorized United all night and was a joy to watch.  Nice to see someone lead by example without resorting to brute force." (Nathan Marinoff)

Jack McInerney: 5.86
- "McInerney is a really exciting player to watch.  He has a terrific first touch and is much more aggressive than might be expected of a 17 year old." (Nathan Marinoff)

Alejandro Moreno: 7.13
- "A typical workman like performance from him, setting up LeToux's second and third goals.  Hope he keeps bringing his lunchpail every match." (Dan Gontkof)

Again, if you want to participate in this, email me and I'll add you to the list of voters.