Union announce ticket prices for Linc games

The Union announced individual-game ticket prices for its two games at Lincoln Fnancial Field this morning. They range from $28 for the Sons of Ben and seated corner sections to $100 for the fancy club seats at center midfield.

Only the lower bowl and club seats will be sold. This helps push demand and it also makes sure that the fans aren't too spread out, which makes for a better atmosphere (and TV picture).

The seating chart is here. You'll notice that prices are the same across entire sections, regardless of what row you're sitting in.

I was a bit surprised that central midfield seats in the main seating bowl are $55. It struck me as being on the expensive side. Then again, I barely have time to get to Citizens Bank Park anymore, much less the basketball games I cover.

So I decided to compare the Union's prices to some other teams in the league. Here's a sampling, and I think it covers the full range from NFL stadiums to soccer-specific venues. A few still have last year's prices listed, and a lot of teams don't have individual game ticket prices posted yet. But you can get a pretty good idea from the list below.

Chicago: $50 or 70 depending on side of field; $26 for 200 level
Chivas USA: $30
D.C. United: $32-42 depending on row
Houston: $42 for front rows, $36 for higher rows
New York: $45 for 200 level; individual game 100-level tickets not on sale
Seattle: $45 to 50 depending on row
Toronto: $42 to $77 U.S. depending on row and opponent

What do you think of the Union's ticket prices so far?