That time when Eagles chairman Jeffrey Lurie was on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's yacht

The Eagles' search for a head coach should be judged on the result, not on the process. That is good news for Jeffrey Lurie and his sidekicks, because right now, the process isn't looking all that impressive. (Michael S. Wirtz/Staff Photographer)

You might have to read that headline to yourself a few times, but apparently the story is true. Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl told the tale in his latest column.

Apparently, when Chelsea played AC Milan at Lincoln Financial Field back in 2004, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich brought his yacht to Philadelphia. While in town, the Russian billionare invited Eagles chairman Jeffrey Lurie to dinner aboard said yacht, along with now-former Chelsea CEO Peter Kenyon, AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani.

I think we can all agree that's not the kind of invitation you turn down. The yacht alone is worth as much money as some Chelsea players (and some Eagles players) make in a year.

So what did they talk about? I won't spoil the story, because Wahl did the work to bring it to light, but Lurie hinted at getting involved in the Premier League.

Click here for all the details. It's a fun read.