Rank and File: Union vs. Red Bull New York

I've tried over the last few weeks to stay out of adding my own comments to this, but I do want to offer my two cents about one player in particular. You'll see below that there are views from both ends of the spectrum about Fred. I personally think that he's worth bringing back, though his salary is at the upper end of the Union's payroll.

I think Fred brings a lot to the team, both in terms of on-the-ball creativity and off-the-ball leadership. He doesn't show it all the time, but as we've discussed on here before he's a lot less effective in a wide midfield role than he is in the middle.

I'd be interested to know what you think about that.


Brad Knighton: 6.10
- "Showed he is up to the challenge, earned the starting job for next year. (Jared R.)
- "Did Knighton even see the goal scored against him?  Didn't look like it." (Peter N.)


Danny Califf: 6.20
- "Even in victory, Califf managed to look bad." (Osager)

Jordan Harvey: 6.40
- "Defensively, the best game from Harvey all season long. He completely shut down Richards, and that's no small accomplishment." (Andrew Dillon)

Michael Orozco Fiscal: 7.30

Sheanon Williams: 6.90
- "How was he stuck in Harrisburg all year?" (Jared R.)
- "Another strong game for Williams - and one of his throw-ins really did look like a corner kick." (Osager)


Eduardo Coudet: 5.90
- I love Coudet and how he commands the field, both on set pieces and the run of play. Such a loud and vocal guy; if Le Toux has 3 lungs, than Eduardo has 2 sets of vocal chords." (Andrew Dillon)

Fred: 8.00
- "Played the best game of the year with the Union. Right place at the right time for the goal, and right place at the right time to save one." (Jared R.)
- "Finally, a great game by Fred. Now let's hope someone takes him and his salary in the expansion draft." (Brian DeHaven)

Andrew Jacobson: 5.75

Justin Mapp: 5.56

Stefani Miglioranzi: 6.33
- "I never realize he is in there, which means he isn't making mistakes." (Jared R.)

Shea Salinas: 5.83


Sebastien Le Toux: 7.70
- "Sebastian Le Toux is the hardest working man in show biz. His example - and Nowak's lessons - have clearly rubbed off on the younger guys, which means good things in years to come." (Peter N.)

Alejandro Moreno: 6.20

Danny Mwanga: 6.11
- "Sorry Danny Mwanga, but the rookie of the year would have scored when presented with the open goal you had." (Osager)