Rank and File: Union vs. Columbus Crew

We turn now to our reader panel for the final verdict on Thursday's game. A reminder that if you'd like to join in the voting, just email me and I'll add you to the listserv. It would be great to have more people involved.


Chris Seitz: 4.00

On the one hand...

- "Can't blame Seitz for those two." (Osager)

On the other...

- "One wonders just how bad Brad Knighton is that Nowak insists on starting Seitz every game.  When confronted by charging opponents, Seitz freezes up." (Nathan M.)

And using both at the same time...

- "Both goals were tough to save, I suppose, but asking for a save on either shouldn't be much from a former USMNT prospect." (Jeff P.)


Cristian Arrieta: 4.57

Danny Califf: 4.29
- "Looked so slow and out of position throughout last night." (Jeff P.)

Jordan Harvey: 4.29

Michael Orozco Fiscal: 4.71
- "Played reckless in the second half in terms of some late challenges; needs to improve his service into the box." (Jeff P.)


Eduardo Coudet: 5.71
- "Fantastic game. He's the midfield leadership that this team has lacked." (Chris Straub-Wallace)
- "Coudet is a help to the defense, but tonight not enough help - what about letting him play a true sweeper (oh, I forgot, nobody uses sweepers anymore)." (Osager)

Fred: 5.43
- "Nice to see Fred take part in the attack more, but he needs to take one less touch on the ball and actually shoot." (Andrew Dillon)
- "Got lucky with Le Toux being fouled after his inability to finish from the penalty spot. Needs to look to finish more often." (Chris Straub-Wallace)

Andrew Jacobson: 4.86

Justin Mapp: 5.71
- "Mapp taking chances from distance is why he was brought here.  Can't wait to see him actually convert them, too." (Andrew Dillon)
- "Decent movement through the midfield, but his inability to use his right foot is glaring. I'd like to see how he works on the left side." (Chris Straub-Wallace)

Stefani Miglioranzi: 5.13
- "Hopefully he recovers quickly; both him and Coudet did a solid job of controlling the middle third in the first half." (Jeff P.)
- "Too bad for Migz and his groin strain. His intention was there early on; his shot gave Hesmer a bit of trouble. Hurry back in the lineup, Stefani, the team needs your steady presence as a defensive midfielder." (Andrew Dillon)

How about a midfield four of Mapp on the right, Torres on the left and two of Coudet, Fred and Miglioranzi in the middle? Some defense, some offense, some speed and a lot of flexibility.

Kyle Nakazawa: 5.29


Sebastien Le Toux: 6.43
- "Looks like Le Toux has been taking diving lessons from Moreno." (Nathan M.)

Zing of the week.

Jack McInerney: 4.86
- "A spot start for Jack is needed sooner than later. Not sure how much his head is into a 10 minute substitution role." (Chris Straub-Wallace)
- "Wee Jack Mac couldn't celebrate his birthday in style. He looks a little too tentative at times, and should start trusting that he has the skills to excel at this level - he did manage to score on Los Angeles' Donovan Ricketts a few games back. More of that, please." (Andrew Dillon)

Alejandro Moreno: 4.71
- "Essentially limited to posting up defenders, looks broken down when pursuing the ball or attacking defenders." (Jeff P.)
- "Moreno needs a rest." (Osager)

I can't help thinking that both of those comments are related. Moreno has played a lot lately, and he's done so on a knee that isn't fully healthy. You wonder what would have happened had Danny Mwanga been fit. Surely he would have been on the field, and he probably would have been able to chase down some of those through balls that were just out of Moreno's reach.