Rank and File: Union vs. Chicago Fire

I had my say yesterday. Now it's your turn. As ever, if you want to cast a ballot, just email me and I'll add you to the listserv. The more, the merrier.


Brad Knighton: 7.29
- "Knighton was an improvement over Seitz and was as aggressive as Seitz is terminally indecisive. He was lucky not to incur another red card, however. (Peter N.)
- "Congratulations to Brad Knighton on a clean sheet... but he should probably thank his good fortune and his defenders (and a rather anemic Chicago offense - more like Smoldering Embers than Fire)." (Osager)


Danny Califf: 6.43
- "Back-to-back solid performances from the captain." (Jeff P.)

Jordan Harvey: 5.86

Michael Orozco Fiscal: 6.29

Sheanon Williams: 6.43
- "Who is Sheanon Williams? More of him, please!" (Osager)
- "Liked the shakeup with Williams playing the outside back rather than Orozco Fiscal. It gave Orozco Fiscal the chance to help Danny in the middle." (Jared Remster)


Fred: 4.86

Sebastien Le Toux: 7.86
- "Le Toux for MVP!!! And when you're tearing it up in Ligue 1, we can say we knew you when..." (Osager)

Andrew Jacobson: 5.86
- "He looked strong in the middle with Miglioranzi, and broke up several counters by cutting off passing lanes." (Jefff P.)

Justin Mapp: 6.86
- "Mapp played a good game, but could have been a bit more aggressive. He had a fairly open goal in front of him, and all had to do was put a decent strike on it with his right... oh, yeah, sorry I forgot." (Osager)

Stefani Miglioranzi: 5.86

Kyle Nakazawa: 5.17

Shea Salinas: 6.43
- "Great to have him back on the roster, love the effort and the speed." (Jared Remster)


Alejandro Moreno: 5.00
- "Moreno's flopping is really tiresome. If he didn't dive so often, he might actually get calls when it matters." (Peter N.)
- "At the end of his career and is not making the needed runs, it is getting to the point that when he goes down, the fans don't even believe it anymore." (Jared Remster)

Danny Mwanga: 5.71
- "Hopefully the injury is nothing serious, seemed to be the reason that he was subbed for." (Jared Remster)

Mwanga told reporters after the game that he had a separated shoulder. He then had an x-ray, which came back negative. The team flew to San Jose yesterday, and we should find out more about Mwanga's condition today.