Rank and File: Union at San Jose

Looks like I wasn't the only person who stayed up late Wednesday night.


Brad Knighton: 6.00
- "Knighton nearly got to the only goal, despite three defenders not marking up and made a heck of a save on a bending free kick from 20 yards out. He deserves to be named starter for the rest of the year." (Bryan James)


Danny Califf: 5.11
- "Whether due to criticism or the change in goalkeeper, Califf has stepped it up over the last two games." (Peter N.)

Jordan Harvey: 4.89
- "When Wondoloski is in the box, what would you do, stand there and look at him? Well, the back line did a fine job of that. Other than that the backs are finally playing as a group, pushing up to force offsides and playing generally well - for about 88 minutes." (Jared R.)

Michael Orozco Fiscal: 5.00

Sheanon Williams: 6.00
- "Sheanon Williams is rapidly becoming one of my favorite players. He's fearless, plays at 100 mph and is a real weapon on throw-ins." (Peter N.)


Fred: 4.67
- "Missed one of the Union's best chances when he didn't get over the ball from 18 yards out in the 2nd half." (Steve O.)

Andrew Jacobson: 5.33
- "Eventually he is going to score from distance with one of his token blasts." (Jeff P.)

Justin Mapp: 5.78
- "I don't know whether to be amazed that Mapp can do so much with only one foot, or frustrated that he is unable to do much with the other." (Osager)   

Stefani Miglioranzi: 5.11
- "Caught ball-watching on the goal; does a decent job changing the field of play but should know better than to leave a player like Wondolowski unmarked." (Jeff P.)

Shea Salinas: 5.33
- "Give the man a start, sit Fred for a game, see how he does. Love the energy." (Jared R.)


Sebastien Le Toux: 5.67
- "Le Toux and Mwanga are like peanut butter and jelly. Good alone, much better together." (Osager)

Jack McInerney: 4.63

Alejandro Moreno: 4.44

Danny Mwanga: 4.71
- "Did more with one shoulder than Moreno did with two." (Jared R.)