Rank and File: Union vs. New England

We only had comments from two voters this week, but they're pretty good ones.


Chris Seitz: 4.17
- "Some have argued that Seitz should't take the blame for the New England goal. Rubbish. If he hadn't committed too soon, we wouldn't be talking about a ball that defied physics." (Nathan M.)
- "Seitz didn't have a great game, but by no means should he be at fault for that goal." (Andrew Dillon)

[Well, that settles things, doesn't it.]


Cristian Arrieta: 4.83

Danny Califf: 5.83

Jordan Harvey: 4.83

Michael Orozco Fiscal: 5.33


Eduardo Coudet: 6.50
- "Coudet was a real improvement in midfield. Califf's title notwithstanding, he looked like the real field commander." (Nathan M.)

Fred: 5.17

Andrew Jacobson: 4.75

Sebastien Le Toux: 7.83
- "That HAS to be a Goal of the Year candidate. Well played, Le Toux!" (Andrew Dillon)

Justin Mapp: 5.67
- "It was great to see Mapp log some time and take some chances.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Nowak and Co. can bring him back to his full potential." (Andrew Dillon)

Stefani Miglioranzi: 5.67
- "Miglioranzi and Coudet have the makings of a solid midfield, especially when you consider they shut down one of the best defensive midfielders MLS has ever had.  Shalrie who?" (Andrew Dillon)


Jack McInerney: 4.40

- "McInerney has guts but needs to take a lesson from Mwanga and start gunning.  He's too indecisive in the box." (Nathan M.)

Alejandro Moreno: 5.17
- "Moreno needs to learn that one can hold the ball and draw fouls without spending time on the ground.  His reputation is starting to wear thin with the Union faithful." (Andrew Dillon)

Danny Mwanga: 5.50