Rank and File: Union at Houston Dynamo

Here we go again with another season of your player ratings from each Union game. We have a lot more voters this year, which I'm very happy about. If you'd like to join in, just email me and I'll add you to the list.


Faryd Mondragón: 8.17
- "The new captain has a clear calming presence on the rest of the team, especially the defense." (Isaac B.)
- "Mondragon just oozes confidence, charisma and leadership.  Barely touched the ball yet had a huge influence on his team." (Alex Seldin)


Danny Califf: 7.94
- "Best game I've seen from him in a Union shirt, and not just because of the goal." (Mark)
- "Did everything right, probably the best (and luckiest) game in his life/career." (Ethan Gomberg)

Jordan Harvey: 6.71
- "Played very well on the outside in 1-on-1 situations, Got forward more than I thought he should and played well doing it." (Nick Youngstein)

Carlos Valdés: 7.18
- "More solid defense, and great shoulder check on Bruin right after the goal was scored.  Mike Richards would be proud." (Nick Youngstein)

Sheanon Williams: 6.76
- "He picked up where he left off last season. Showed his versatility in attack and defense. Had the long throw-in which led to the Califf goal." (Ed Fagan)
- "Out of position too much, but some strong D nonetheless, and killer throws." (Mark)


Brian Carroll: 6.35
- "People say a good holding midfielder isn't noticed, but I disagree. You could notice Carroll all over the pitch and how one or two of his touches can settle the entire team down. Miglioranzi is the opposite, you just don't notice him because he has no impact on a game." (Rob Kaplan)

Gabriel Farfan: 5.17

Justin Mapp: 5.88
- "Was surprised to see him come off so early. He seemed to be getting into the attack more." (George Hasenecz)

Stefani Miglioranzi: 5.17
- "Poor distribution, but covered himself defensively.  If I can only have one of the two, I'll take the defense, but the passing has to get better." (Nick Youngstein)

Kyle Nakawa: 4.75
- "Although he was listed as a right sided midfielder, he clearly was playing more of a central role. Struggled to get on the ball. His one free kick was blazed over the bar. You expect him to serve up a dangerous ball in that situation." (George Hasenecz)
- "Nakazawa whiffed so hard on his goal opportunity that even Ryan Howard felt uncomfortable." (Fake Peter Nowak)

Amobi Okugo: 5.23


Sébastien Le Toux: 6.35
- "Still the Energizer Bunny, but not sharp. His ankle might still be bothering him." (Peter Olmsted)

Danny Mwanga: 6.18
- "I thought the team looked better immediately after he came in.  He possessed well and moved the ball well from the center of the attack." (Nick Youngstein)
- "I would have liked to see Mwanga start. I have to wonder if there are fitness issues, or some sort of unreported minor injury." (Ed Fagan)

Carlos Ruiz: 5.59
- "Looked to be in good physical shape, but touch was lacking. Seemed rusty." (George Hasenecz)
- "Spare me the drama, just play!" (Ethan Gomberg)