Philadelphia Union manager John Hackworth discusses potential Freddy Adu's potential move to Brazilian club Bahia

Over the last few months, Philadelphia Union manager John Hackworth has declined to comment about the status of Freddy Adu.

But in recent days, there have been reports across the media that Adu is moving to Brazilian club Bahia. Hackworth opened up about the matter in his press conference Wednesday, offering quite a few details about the status of the Union's highest-paid player.

Here are some highlights of Hackworth's remarks.

John Hackworth press conference March 20, 2013

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John Hackworth is about to talk about Freddy Adu...Jonathan Tannenwald
"We do have a potential deal on the table for Freddy. That deal is not done right now - there are still some hurdles."Jonathan Tannenwald
"It could potentially bring us a very high profile player from Brazil - I'll confirm that player is Kléberson."Jonathan Tannenwald
"I want to be sensitive to the guys that are trying to finish this, that we allow the time to do that.Jonathan Tannenwald
"Freddy is scheduled to go down and visit Brazil - that's one of the last contingencies in this."Jonathan Tannenwald
"This one, first and foremost was attractive to Freddy."Jonathan Tannenwald
"The first time that name [Kléberson] came across my e-mail, I was like 'Wow.' "Jonathan Tannenwald
That might need confirming RT @PhilUnionKevinK: Hack: "Kleberson was presented to us as a player before we had any discussions about Freddy"Jonathan Tannenwald
"It was Kléberson first that we had initial interest... it came back around that we had this opportunity now to make this work"Jonathan Tannenwald
"So that we could eventually send Freddy down to Bahia and [have] Kléberson [come] to us."Jonathan Tannenwald
"I've always felt that one of our key goals and objectives is to try to bring in a very established midfielder..."Jonathan Tannenwald
"... that we felt could add to the players we already had. That didn't happen in this offseason."Jonathan Tannenwald
John Hackworth acknowledges that the Union knew during the offseason that Freddy Adu would not be part of the team in 2013.Jonathan Tannenwald
Thank you, coach, for confirming what the team tried quite strongly to knock down when I first reported it.Jonathan Tannenwald
"This is not driven because we feel like our midfield is not good enough right now." - HackworthJonathan Tannenwald
"When you can bring in a player like Kléberson who meets the quality and experience factor, that's very interesting for us." - HackworthJonathan Tannenwald
John Hackworth admits publicly that Freddy Adu has two guaranteed years remaining on his contract.Jonathan Tannenwald
"We're much more confident... but I don't want to say anything that would lead you to believe that it's done."Jonathan Tannenwald
"We hope that probably within the next couple of days we'll have a definitive answer."Jonathan Tannenwald
Hackworth on Soumaré: "Coming into preseason, it was my thought that he would be a starting center back for us."Jonathan Tannenwald
"There are certain guys we thought would be No. 1 on our depth chart going in. Baky was one of those players."Jonathan Tannenwald
After the game against SKC Soumaré went to Sakiewicz and then Hack to say he wanted a trade b/c he wasn't going to be a starter.Jonathan Tannenwald
"I absolutely respect him saying those things and where he's coming from." - Hackworth on Soumaré.Jonathan Tannenwald
"I can't tell you yet how that's going to go and I would be hopeful that we can find a resolution that's good for us and him"Jonathan Tannenwald
"The reason that Baky's situation changed from when he arrived here to now is that Amobi Okugo has been a reveleation."Jonathan Tannenwald
"When you have players that are playing that well, ypou have some tough decisions."Jonathan Tannenwald
"Baky's a good pro - we have been very honest and up front with each other."Jonathan Tannenwald
"It changed a little bit when I read an article last night." Raise a glass to @phillysoccerpg.Jonathan Tannenwald
"We have options that we're very comfortable with currently" at center back.Jonathan Tannenwald
"If he did leave today I would feel absolutely comfortable... that we could deal with it properly" - Hack cites Albright, S. WilliamsJonathan Tannenwald
"Baky is still an important part of our team right now and will remain until something happens."Jonathan Tannenwald
"Gabe Farfan moving into the midfield made it more competitive... I don't think our midfield has played as well as we're capalbe of playing"Jonathan Tannenwald
John Hackworth says the Union will not get any salary cap relief from sending Freddy Adu to Bahia.Jonathan Tannenwald
Perhaps because Kléberson will take up some of said cap space.Jonathan Tannenwald
Point taken. RT @sprtswtr: Hackworth on Pumas UNAM: "Our focus is on New York."Jonathan Tannenwald
"We'll treat this as the way we've treated our other internationals... but our focus is on providing opportunities." Hackworth on PUMASJonathan Tannenwald
"I'm happy with our midfield - I know we can play better, and I know that's a major distinction."Jonathan Tannenwald
"Brian Carroll is our captain.. sure, I think Brian Carroll can play better."Jonathan Tannenwald
"He's a guy that holds himself accountable in such a way that makes him one of our leaders.... we know there are better games in him."Jonathan Tannenwald