Eric Wynalda's epic NSCAA Convention seminar

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When I was done covering the Women's Professional Soccer draft, I walked to a nearby room at the Kansas City Convention Center to check out a seminar being given by Fox Soccer studio analyst and former U.S. national team star Eric Wynalda.

It was entitled, simply, "Why Not US?" The subject matter probably didn't need much more explanation: an hour of Wynalda's views on the state of American soccer and what he thinks need to change.

I didn't really know what to expect. Wynalda is perhaps the most outspoken commentator on the American soccer scene, but this being at the NSCAA convention I wondered just what he would have to say.

It went well beyond my expectations.

Soon after arriving, I jumped on Twitter and posted a few quotes. I got a few responses, so I decided to keep going.

Within a few minutes, my phone exploded with notifications of retweets and new followers. Many of them asked if there was a recording of the event.

Supposedly, a recording is produced from every NSCAA Convention event. Hopefully I'll be able to find that soon, and disseminate it.

In the meantime, I figured the best way to explain what happened would be to put together a Storify timeline of Wyndalda's remarks and reactions to them.

This is pretty long, but I think you'll like it. So here goes...