Carlos Ruiz headed to Mexican club Veracruz

The following comes from Kerith Gabriel of the Daily News:

Three weeks ago I asked Carlos Ruiz about the all the reports from south of the border that had him rumored to playing for Mexican second division club Veracruz.

Ruiz looked me square in the face and said: "Honestly, this thing about me leaving Philadelphia has gotten crazy. I don't know who has started this gossip, but I am going to say this again: I am not moving anywhere, I am very happy in Philly, all my family is coming in 2 weeks to stay with me, so this is not a chance to leave this city."

He then added: "Why would I leave MLS where all my family and friends are to play for some second division team in Mexico?"

Here’s an answer that will shock you: Money.

According to the source Ruiz stands to make upwards of $400,000-plus from his deal with second tier Mexican club Veracruz, a deal I am told was made because Veracruz believes "Fish" is its missing link in hopes of returning to Mexico’s top flight.

In 14 games with the Union, Ruiz tallied six goals and had an assist, and while he may have a lot of haters in this town, I’d like to believe his knack for scoring would have been beneficial in a loss to Colorado last Friday in which the Union created so many chances I’m unable to count them on all my fingers and toes.

In turn, the Union can lift his $306,671 salary off the books in a few days once this deal has been official. Additionally, with the releases of Ruiz, defender Jordan Harvey and third-string goalkeeper Thorne Holder, the Union have freed a total of $411,795 sans additional incentives.

The club should now have the opportunity to add a big name or a (few small, but talented names that can finish) to its roster before the close of MLS transfer window on Aug. 14.

The only number I don't know is the transfer fee that MLS and the Union will receive. Stay tuned to see if I can get that number too.