A little bit of soccer numerology

I was sitting with some friends at a Passover seder last night, and I came up with something that I thought you'd enjoy. It's based on one of the traditional readings that's recited at the dinner table.

Whether you're celebrating Passover or Easter this weekend, I hope you do so in full health and full spirits. See you next Saturday at PPL Park.

Who knows thirteen? I know thirteen.

Thirteen is the number of Cobi Jones.

Twelve is the number of Jeff Agoos.

Eleven is the number of, well, you know who (he's on Twitter and television, and if you still haven't figured it out, click here).

Ten is a commandment, which is why Claudio Reyna and Tab Ramos wore it.

Nine is the number of Joe-Max Moore.

Eight is the number of Clint Dempsey (though I was tempted to give it to Earnie Stewart).

Seven straight World Cups there will have been if the U.S. men's national team qualifies for 2014 ('90, '94, '98, '02, '06, '10, '14).

Six sections Sam's Army and the American Outlaws have at RFK stadium (134 to 139, to be precise).

Five opponents there are in the Hexagonal.

Four is the number of Michael Bradley.

Three, the number of Carlos Bocanegra.

Two were the goals scored against Mexico (many times over).

One is Tim Howard, in net and on the referee's case for awarding a questionable foul in a road World Cup qualifier.