WWE's Kane joins Ron Paul to talk politics

WWE wrestler Kane is more than hellfire and brimstone.

During his day job, he dons a red mask and has entered arenas for years as WWE’s big red monster

When he takes the mask off, Glen Jacobs (his real name) is a noted libertarian activist and is not shy on sharing his position.

So it comes as no surprise that Kane joined former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul for a sit-down interview on the “Ron Paul Channel.”

Here’s a link to the 16-minute interview, but it requires a subscription to listen to it.

Kane is not the first wrestler who has shown an interest in politics. Jesse “The Body” Ventura was the governor of Minnesota during the late 1990s.

Former WWE Champion and WWE Hall-of-Famer Bob Backlund ran for congress whereas WWE CEO Linda McMahon ran for U.S. Senate twice. Both Backlund and McMahon ran in the state of Connecticut.

[h/t to the Sunshine State News]