WWE teasing the return of The Undertaker?

The Undertaker is no stranger to cryptic messages to foreshadow a return, but this isn’t one of them.

WWE sent out a Tweet Thursday that read, “Born a survivor 11.22.90 #RestinPieces” with a picture of Undertaker’s chest.

For those who don’t know, November 22, 1990 was the date of the fourth annual Survivor Series. It was also the debut of The Undertaker.

Was the Tweet a hint of the dead man returning in November at Survivor Series?

This year’s Survivor Series is scheduled to take place Nov. 24 in the TD Garden Boston.

Two days earlier, however, is Smackdown! Smackdown! is taped on Tuesdays, but airs on Fridays so technically his return would be Nov. 19.

Could WWE hype the return of The Undertaker on the final show before Survivor Series? In my opinion that would be unlikely.

The Undertaker returning should be an opportunity to get biggest viewing audience possible — that can only Monday nights on Raw, not Friday nights on Smackdown!

Plus, it would be kind of weird having him come back on the final show before a pay-per-view. I don’t think giving people at most five days to decide whether they want to see Undertaker on pay-per-view is really going to make the buy rate skyrocket for WWE.