WWE Survivor Series 2013 results: CM Punk, Daniel Bryan defeat Luke Harper, Erick Rowan

Daniel Bryan began the match against the more powerful Erick Rowan. Rowan used his power to toss around Bryan for little bit, but Bryan picked up the pace and was able to tag in his partner CM Punk.

CM Punk momentarily mounted some offense, but was cut off by Rowan. Rowan tagged in his partner Luke Harper, who kept the momentum going for his team.

CM Punk gained a slither of momentum and was able to tag in Bryan to attempt a double suplex to Rowan. But Rowan overpowered them both and suplexed them.

CM Punk and Bryan didn’t stay down long as they double-teamed the larger Rowan with kicks in the corner. Rowan used his strength again to gain the upper hand and tag in Harper.

Harper couldn’t mount much of anything before CM Punk and Bryan hit a couple of double team moves.

Rowan distracted CM Punk, which gave Harper enough time to recover and deliver a big boot to CM Punk. The Wyatts then began to cut off the ring from CM Punk.

After taking a pretty decent beating, CM Punk finally mustered up enough energy to tag in Bryan, who wasted little time picking up the pace.

After landing a frenzy of offense to Harper, Bryan attempted to hit a hurricanrana from the top rope. Harper caught him, however, and power bombed him from the top rope. CM Punk broke up the pin attempt, but was immediately tossed out of the ring by Rowan.

Rowan became the legal man and began to work over Bryan. Rowan and Harper and laid a serious beating to Bryan. Harper even tried to lay one on CM Punk, but was met by kick to the head.

This allowed Bryan enough time to tag in CM Punk who cleaned house and delivered a splash to the outside of the ring to both Rowan and Bray Wyatt.

CM Punk made his way back into the ring and landed the big elbow drop to Harper.  CM Punk went for a cover, but Harper kicked out.

CM Punk then went for the GTS, but Harper wiggled out of it. Rowan attempted to land a shot on CM Punk, but CM Punk ducked out of the way, creating an opening for Bryan to hit him with the running knee.

CM Punk hoisted up Harper again for the GTS and successfully hit it for the victory.

Winners: CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

After the match, Wyatt acted as if he was going to jump into the ring, but decided not to.