WWE Raw results (11/04/13): Kane goes corporate; Big Show gets job and WWE title match; CM Punk, Daniel Bryan go after the Wyatt Family

Here’s a rundown of the Nov. 4 edition of Monday Night Raw:

This edition of Raw came to us live from the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, S.C.

The best in the world CM Punk was the first man through the curtain Monday as he went to the ring for the first match of the evening.

Match 1 – CM Punk vs. Luke Harper

CM Punk, dressed in Bret Hart-themed attire, started the match with big boot straight to Harper’s face.

Harper immediately slowed down CM Punk by overpowering the former WWE Champion.

CM Punk then managed to toss Harper out of the ring. He attempted to follow that up with a suicide dive, but Harper caught him with a forearm before he got through the ropes. Harper powered his way into control of the match once again from there.

Harper eventually tossed CM Punk into a corner and attempted a big boot, but CM Punk ducked out of the way, which sent Harper falling out of the ring.

CM Punk attempted a second dive to the outside and was successful this time as he went crashing into Harper as the telecast went into a commercial break.

After the break, Harper had reassumed control of the match by overpowering CM Punk.

CM Punk fought his way back into the match with the use of some kicks and elbows. He then hit a tornado DDT from the top rope to by himself some time.

Once the combatants got back to their feet, they began to trade blows. CM Punk came out on the better end of this battle and picked up the pace with his offense.

CM Punk then hit his patented high knee to the corner and went to the top rope. He looked as if was going to hit his Macho Man elbow drop, but decided to jump outside of the ring right onto Erick Rowan.

CM Punk attempted to hit a springboard clothesline to get back into the ring, but was met by big boot from Harper.

Harper then set up for his big clothesline, but CM Punk countered into the pin position and landed the victory.

Winner: CM Punk

CM Punk had little time to celebrate his victory, however, as Rowan immediately attacked him from behind.

The numbers game quickly caught up to CM Punk as Bray Wyatt slowly walked into the ring. Before Wyatt could do more damage to CM Punk, a bandaged Daniel Bryan ran to the ring with the great equalizer — the steel chair.

He went to town on Rowan and Harper as he and CM Punk cleared the ring of the Wyatts.

After the commercial break, Renee Young was backstage and interviewed CM Punk. CM Punk said that he walked into the match with Harper knowing that he was going to be outnumbered and was prepared for that.

He then said that what people don’t realize is that he isn’t the only person that has an issue with the Wyatt Family.

After that short interview we got a telephone interview with Paul Heyman, who has not been seen since being beat up by CM Punk at Hell in a Cell.

Heyman told the audience that he was in Europe and that he was seeing a number of specialists for the slew of injuries he suffered at the hands of CM Punk.

Among his many injuries are spine trauma, a herniated back, bruised kidneys, a nasal fracture and facial swellings.

Heyman then tearfully said that CM Punk beat up an innocent man after the match and that CM Punk and the entire WWE Universe owes him an apology.

Michael Cole, who was conducting the interview, asked him if he was crying. Heyman simply hung up the phone.

Match 2 – Ryback vs. The Great Khali

Apparently this match was made after Ryback was bullying Hornswoggle in catering and Khali took offense to it. All of this happened on the WWE App by the way.

Not much entertainment in this match besides seeing Khali grab Ryback by his ear and slap him across the chest. Ryback won the match with big meat hook clothesline, which was pretty impressive actually.

Winner: Ryback

Ryback proceeded to beat up on Santino Marella a little bit after the match.

Match 3 – Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio had a mean look on his face and jumped right on Kingston with kicks and punches. Kingston halted Del Rio’s mean streak with a flying elbow and by dumping Del Rio out of the ring.

Kingston attempted a big dive over the top, but almost completely missed Del Rio. Although it was a bit of a botch, it still looked impressive because it showed just how far Kingston could jump out of the ring. He almost hit the steel ramp for crying out loud.

Kingston got through that unscathed somehow and tossed Del Rio back into the ring for a cover, but came away with only a two count.

Del Rio then Irish whipped Kingston into a corner and gave chase, but Kingston slipped out of the way.

Kingston attempted to hit Del Rio with the kick move that usually follows, but Del Rio blocked the kicks and jumped on Kingston’s chest with both of his feet. Del Rio promptly took over the match from there.

Kingston used some kicks to build some momentum, but Del Rio halted Kingston’s brief run with a German suplex into a cover. Kingston kicked out.

Del Rio then mocked Kingston’s thunder clap before giving Kingston a hard kick to the arm.

Del Rio stayed on top of Kingston until he ducked under another big kick from Del Rio. While Del Rio was recuperating face down, Kingston went to the rope and hit him with a cross body to his back.

Kingston went for a cover, but Del Rio kicked out. Kingston then hit a cross body off the top rope, but came away with only a two count again.

Kingston began quickening the pace before he was stopped dead in his tracks with a kick to the gut from Del Rio.

Kingston went for S.O.S, but Del Rio countered into the cross arm breaker, which made Kingston tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

WWE then ran a video detailing Big Show’s lawsuit against Triple H, his wife Stephanie McMahon and the WWE.

Match 4 – Randy Orton vs. Big E Langston – WWE App match

Before Jerry “The King” Lawler could announce whom the people chose to take on Orton, Orton grabbed a microphone and asked the fans if they really believed they had a choice.

He told them that they had in fact no power.  He then told all of the men to look at the women they were with because they were all fantasizing about what it would be like to wake up next to him.

He then told the fans that the only thing they had power over was who was going to be the Viper’s next victim.

Langston was chosen by the fans to be Orton’s next victim as he took home 75 percent of the vote, beating out both Dolph Ziggler and The Miz.

Orton went right after the stronger Langston with punches and kicks. Langston threw Orton into the ropes and hit him with a big shoulder block, which prompted Orton to gather himself outside of the ring.

Orton got back into the ring only to be belly-to-back suplexed by Langston. Langston then hit a big elbow as Orton came off the ropes again, which quickly took the champion of his feet.

Orton eventually ducked out of the ring again after Langston continued to overpower him. Orton got back in the ring and measured Langston up to hit him with a drop kick out of nowhere.

Orton then went for his DDT through the ropes, but Langston wiggled out of it and nearly tossed Orton completely out of the ring.

Orton hung on to the ropes and stood on the ring apron only to be knocked into the barricade by Langston as the telecast went into commercial break.

After the break, Langston remained in control of Orton. Orton took plenty of chances to duck out of the ring to regain his composure, but was followed by Langston.

Orton caught Langston with a kick to the gut and attempted to slam his head into the steel steps, but Langston reversed the move and slammed Orton’s head into them.

Orton continued to create separation between himself and Langston until he grabbed Langston and tossed him into the ring apron.

He then tossed Langston back into the ring and attempted his DDT through the ropes again. Langston fought him off and hit the ropes, but Orton ducked out of the way, which sent Langston flying through the ropes to the outside of the ring.

Orton methodically took control of the match from there. Orton put a headlock onto Langston only for Langston to pick him up on his back and toss him into a corner back first. Langston then threw big shoulder to Orton’s midsection and followed that up with an even bigger clothesline.

Orton tried a clothesline of his own, but Langston ducked under it and hit him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Langston then hit a big splash onto Orton. He covered Orton, but the champion kicked out after a count of two.

Orton then hit his version of a backbreaker to reassume control. He then managed to finally hit his DDT through the ropes and set up for the RKO.

Langston got out of the RKO and hit Orton with another big clothesline. He then picked up the champion for the big ending, but Orton wiggled out of it and hit the RKO for the win.

That was a great match where Orton made Langston look like a million bucks. Kudos goes to both men.

Winner: Randy Orton

Match 5 – Fandango & Summer Rae vs. Tyson Kidd & Natalya

So Tyson Kidd was back on Raw… what a minute.

Tyson Kidd? On Raw? Not under a mask? I still don’t believe it.

Fandango and Kidd started the match at a quick pace, which saw Kidd come out on the winning end. Fandango quickly tagged out in favor of Rae, which also brought in Natalya.

Rae gained the early advantage on Natalya after a quick distraction from Fandango. Eventually the ladies tagged in their men and the pace quickened again thanks mostly to Kidd.

Kidd’s momentum was halted, however, partially due to distraction from Rae. Fandango then went to the rope to try to hit his beg leg drop, but Kidd caught him and immediately locked him in the sharp shooter, which made Fandango tap out.

Winner: Tyson Kidd & Natalya

After the match, Damien Sandow was interviewed backstage by Young. Sandow was asked of his thoughts on his loss to John Cena last week.

Sandow said that when he looked in the mirror after the loss, he didn’t see the intellectual savior of the unwashed masses. Instead, he saw a man who would stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Zeb Coulter and the Real Americans dropped in on his interview and said that they would defeat Cody Rhodes and Goldust for the second time later in the night.

Match 6 – John Cena, Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Real Americans & Damien Sandow

Before the match, Cena grabbed a microphone and talked about the Susan G. Komen campaign. Del Rio and Coulter joined the announce team on commentary.

Cena and Sandow started the match with Cena gaining the early upper hand. Cena quickly tagged in Cody Rhodes as he kept the momentum going on Sandow.

Sandow didn’t stay down long, however, as he mounted some offense and tagged in Jack Swagger. Cody Rhodes fought off Swagger and managed to tag in his brother Goldust.

Goldust maintained the control of his team as he tagged his brother back into the match.

Swagger fended off Cody Rhodes long enough to tag in his partner Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro wasn’t in the ring all that long before Cena was tagged back into the match, which I believe is the first time these two have crossed paths on Raw.

Cesaro and Cena locked up only for Cesaro to shove Cena back. The two locked up again only to have Cena shove Cesaro off this time.

While this pretty good story is being told during the match, Del Rio, Coulter and the rest of the announce team was busy talking about everything but the match and kind of took me out of the story that was being told in the ring. It was rather annoying.

Cesaro and Cena continued to test each other’s strength until Cesaro began to mount momentum with kicks and European uppercuts.

Cena recovered quickly and took control of Cesaro. Cena was able to get to his corner to tag in Goldust. Goldust and Cena teamed up to hit a double vertical suplex on Cesaro.

Cody Rhodes got back into the match kept the momentum going for his team. Cesaro was finally able to mount some offense and backed Cody Rhodes into his corner.

Sandow tagged himself into the match and momentarily had control of Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes fought his way back to his corner and tagged in Cena, but Sandow ducked out of the ring to regain his composure as the show went into a commercial break.

After the break, Cesaro and Cena were back in the ring testing each other’s strength when Cesaro hit a catapult European uppercut onto Cena.

The Real Americans and Sandow took complete control of Cena at this point.

After being beaten on for a long time, Cena broke out some moves he hasn’t done before to finally to get to Goldust for the tag.

Goldust hit the ring on fire as he worked over Cesaro and fended off Swagger. Goldust then hit a flying cross body from the top rope onto Cesaro. He went for a cover, but Sandow broke it up.

Out of nowhere, Cody Rhodes hit Sandow with a missile drop kick from the top rope and hit Swagger with the disaster kick.

Swagger walked right into an attitude adjustment from Cena, but Sandow hit Cena with the “you’re welcome.”

Amid the chaos, the ring was left with just Cesaro and Goldust. Cesaro then swung Goldust around a bunch of times before dropping. Cesaro went for a pin, but Goldust rolled out of the ring.

Cesaro went to get Goldust back into the ring, but was interrupted by Cena. Cena then used Cesaro’s own momentum against him by tossing him into Coulter.

Cena ran over and dragged Cesaro back into the ring so he could receive a bulldog from Goldust. Goldust went for a cover, but Sandow broke it up again.

For a second time, Cody Rhodes came off the top rope and hit Sandow with a move, this time a flying moonsault. Cena went to the top rope as well and hit Cesaro with a cross body, who walked right into the final cut from Goldust to end another fantastic match.

Winner: John Cena, Cody Rhodes & Goldust

After the match, Big Show was seen walking around backstage with a suit on as fellow WWE superstars greeted him.

This prompted Vickie Guerrero to run into Triple H’s office to inform him of Big Show’s arrival.

Triple H wondered how he got in the building (so was everyone else) and was getting ready to leave until Stephanie McMahon ran in.

Triple H let her know that Big Show had showed and blamed it on Guerrero. Stephanie McMahon then told Triple H that Guerrero didn’t let Big Show in the building because she did.

Triple H wondered why after he banned Big Show for life his wife would let him into the building.

Stephanie McMahon told Triple H that the WWE board didn’t want to take any chances with Big Show’s lawsuit (which I like to call Litigation Rumble) looming.

Triple H responded by saying that what he said should stand. Stephanie McMahon told him that it was not about him, but rather about the future of the company and the board is demanding that they settle.

Triple H then reluctantly told Guerrero to get Big Show into his office immediately.

Match 7 – Dolph Ziggler vs. Curtis Axel

Ziggler and Axel began the match with some good old fashioned chain wrestling before Axel landed the first big move.

Axel maintained control until Ziggler hit him with a big drop kick. Ziggler’s momentum didn’t last long, however, as Axel pulled Ziggler down from the turnbuckle where he landed right on the back of his head. Axel assumed control of the match from there.

Ziggler eventually fended off Axel and mounted some offense to gain control of the match.

Axel quickly cut off Ziggler’s momentum with a clothesline to the back of his head. Ziggler recovered quickly, however, and gained a near fall for his efforts.

Out of nowhere, Ziggler hit the zig zag to win the match further bury Axel as a credible champion.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Bryan was stopped backstage by Young as she asked him whether helping CM Punk fend off the Wyatt Family was the wisest decision.

Bryan said that it wouldn’t normally be a wise move, especially considering what they did to him last week, but he saw an opportunity for payback and took it.

Match 8 – The Usos vs. 3MB (Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater)

Before the match, Guerrero ran back to Triple H’s office to tell him and Stephanie McMahon that Big Show wanted to meet with them in the ring, not in their office.

3MB actually mounted some sustained offense in the early going of the match.

The Usos didn’t much, but land a super kick and a big splash for the victory.

Winner: The Usos

After that quick match, we had yet another backstage interview, this time with Los Matadores. The tag team didn’t say much because El Torito came running through and ran behind Young. One of the matadores then said that El Torito was a little “horny,” which prompted him to do a little wiggle.

Match 9 – The Bella Twins & Eva Marie vs. AJ Lee, Tamina & Aksana

It’s time to see if there’s any improvement from Marie, as she sold like the Undertaker the last time she was in the ring on Raw, which is not a good thing.

She didn’t do too much besides tag herself into the match and roll up Tamina for the win. She did get clothes lined by Tamina while she was on the ring apron and she sold it pretty well — a huge improvement from no-selling everything last time.

After a commercial break, it was time for the meeting between the Authority and Big Show.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came to the ring first as Triple H told Big Show to come out and waste everyone’s time.

A dapperly dressed Big Show (Where in the world does he find his suits?) came to the ring with a big smile on his face as if he was running for office in South Carolina.

Stephanie McMahon announced that both parties had agreed to settle the lawsuit without getting lawyers involved in the matter and asked Big Show what he wanted.

Big Show asked for a broom so that Stephanie McMahon could hop on it and fly back to Connecticut. Triple H’s patience seemed to be running thin, as he demanded Big Show to get to the point.

Triple H asked Big Show whether it was about money and wondered how much money was it going to take to bail him out again.

Big Show said he doesn’t have money problems because he doesn’t have money and that it’s not about the money at all.

He said it’s about performing for the WWE Universe. Big Show simply asked for his job back.

Triple H didn’t seem ready to give Big Show back his job before Stephanie McMahon calmed him down and reminded him what was at stake.

Stephanie McMahon gave Big Show his job after Triple H chose to keep himself out of the talks. Triple H looked dejected as Big Show did Bryan’s yes chant.

The world’s largest athlete then asked for one more thing: the world’s largest bonus. He then asked to be the face of the WWE.

Stephanie McMahon finally lost it and had to be calmed down by Triple H. All of a sudden, The Shield made their way to the ring as the telecast suddenly went to commercial. That was bad timing by WWE, in my opinion.

The Shield stood outside of the ring as Triple H wanted to know what Big Show wanted. Big Show wanted a chance at Orton and the WWE Championship at Survivor Series.

Triple H then threatened to beat the crap out of Big Show because he was fed up with the big man. Big Show willingly left the ring as he told Triple H that the board of directors would here from his attorney in the morning.

Triple H changed his mind and gave Big Show the title match. He then decided that since Big Show works for him again that he could put him in a handicap match against The Shield and Orton.

Match 10 – Big Show vs. The Shield & Randy Orton

Big Show held his own until Roman Reins hit him with a spear. Big Show fought his way back into the match and had Orton dead to rights until Kane made his way to the ring … in a suit!

He looked like a big version of Irwin R. Schyster from back in the day.

While Kane was making his way to the ring, Orton attempted to hit Big Show with an RKO, but Big Show got out of it.

Dean Ambrose rolled back into the ring and took out one of Big Show’s knees, which was followed up by a flying knee to the skull from Seth Rollins.

Orton polished off Big Show with an RKO. Corporate Kane then tossed steel chairs into the ring for Orton and The Shield to use. Rollins, Orton and Ambrose began whaling away at Big Show before dragging him out of the ring.

Reins then picked up a set of steel steps and hit Big Show them. The Shield then got the big man up for a triple power bomb through the announce table.

Result: ??? (It doesn’t matter)