WWE Raw results (10/28/13): Big Show ruins Randy Orton's celebration; John Cena defeats Damien Sandow with one arm; Daniel Bryan puts Shawn Michaels in the yes lock

WWE Superstar lands a punch during a match. (Photo courtesy of WWE)

Here’s a rundown of the Oct. 28 edition of Monday Night Raw:

This edition of Raw came to us live from the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla

We started this week’s episode with the new World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena.

Cena asked the fans in Orlando if they had missed him during his two-month absence. He also acknowledged the mixed reaction from the fans.

The new champion thanked John Bradshaw Layfield, who said that Cena came back too soon. Cena gave an entertaining impersonation of JBL who said that it was a career mistake for him to come back.

Cena thanked JBL for motivating him to not only come back, but to win the World Championship. Since he is the World champ, Cena said that he would be on Smackdown! as the show’s champion.

Cena assured the fans that he is back and ready to go despite having to wear a brace on his elbow and check up with the company doctor every now and again.

Cena then gave credit to Alberto Del Rio for putting up a fight at Hell in a Cell and if he wanted his rematch he is more than welcome.

Before Cena could leave the ring, Money in the Bank holder Damien Sandow made his way to the ring.

Sandow said that Cena may be able to fool the fans and the WWE medical staff, but he is not fooling him.

Sandow said it is humanly impossible for Cena to heal that quickly. Sandow said that he saw what Del Rio did to Cena Sunday night, and he knows that Cena is more hurt than what he is letting on.

He then said the reason why Cena is being so optimistic with the fans is that he’s afraid that Sandow will cash in on him.

Sandow then pretended that he was going to cash in, but opted not to. He walked past Cena and then attacked him.

He hit Cena in the elbow with the briefcase multiple times and dragged him to the ring post. Sandow then slammed Cena’s elbow into the ring post and into the barricade.

He then picked up Cena and slammed him into the steel steps. Sandow wasn’t finished, however.

He put Cena’s elbow on a set of steel steps and slammed it with a steel chair. Sandow then waved down a referee to officially cash in the contract.

But for some reason, the telecast went to commercial break.

Match 1 – Damien Sandow vs. John Cena (c) – World Heavyweight Championship

After the break, Cena was up and ready to fight despite the hurt elbow, which meant Sandow gave him a chance to defend himself.

Cena tried to fight off Sandow with one arm, but Sandow kept the pressure on Cena’s hurt elbow.

Sandow went for multiple covers, but Cena kept kicking out. Cena then fought his way back into the match and even landed a belly-to-belly suplex. Sandow didn’t stay down long and went back to work on Cena’s elbow.

Like Cena usually does, he somehow mounted some offense. He even used his bad arm to land a shoulder block on to Sandow.

Cena went for a five-knuckle shuffle, but Sandow hit the elbow and hit a neck breaker. Sandow went for a cover, but only came away with a count of two.

Sandow reassumed control until Cena hit the attitude adjustment with one arm. Sandow rolled out of the ring while the doctor checked on Cena.

Cena picked Sandow back up and tossed him back into the ring. Cena went for the STF with one arm, but Sandow quickly slipped out of it. Sandow hit another neck breaker, but gained only a near fall.

Sandow locked Cena in a full nelson, but Cena countered into a big move. Cena covered, but Sandow kicked out.

Sandow suddenly locked in a cross face on Cena. Cena somehow got out of it and attempted another attitude adjustment. Sandow slipped out of it and hit Cena with his new “You're Welcome” finishing move, but Cena kicked out again.

Sandow then put Cena on the top rope and attempted to put Sandow in a super plex, but Cena fought out of it.

Cena knocked Sandow off the turnbuckle and went for a cross body, but Sandow ducked under him. Cena grabbed his knee when he hit the ground.

Sandow went for what looked like a pile driver, but Cena countered into an attitude adjustment for the win.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena

After Cena beat Sandow with practically one arm, The Shield were backstage in some unknown area. Dean Ambrose was the first to speak as he said that it was the most important night in history of The Shield.

He said that he was being forced to defend his United States title against Big E Langston. Ambrose said that it was privilege for Langston to share the ring with him and he should appreciate it.

Seth Rollins was the next to speak his peace as he said that they underestimated the potential of Langston and that they had an opportunity to rectify that mistake.

Ambrose said that he was going to successfully defend his title, as it was the only title The Shield had left because he was the baddest man alive.

While he was saying that, Roman Reins looked at Ambrose in a not-so-favorable manner. He didn’t say anything to Ambrose, but did say, “Believe in The Shield,” to end the promo.

Match 2 – Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Big E Langston – United State Championship

Langston began the match using his power advantage, but Ambrose quickly countered Langston and took the big man off his feet.

Ambrose assumed control of the match with a neck breaker. Langston fended off Ambrose with a series of clotheslines and a belly-to-belly suplex.

Langston went to the ropes to hit a splash on Ambrose, but Reins pulled the ropes down, sending Langston tumbling out of the ring.

The referee immediately disqualified Ambrose.

Winner: Big E Langston via disqualification (Dean Ambrose retains United States title)

After the match, The Shield began to go to work on Langston until The Usos showed up to even the odds.

As expected, Raw general manager came and made the match a six-man tag. As if we hadn’t seen that happen 10 million times over the years.

Match 3 – The Usos & Big E Langston vs. The Shield

After a commercial break, Reins was in complete control of one of the Usos. The Shield used frequent tags to cut off the ring from one of the Usos.

The Uso brother eventually fought off the onslaught from The Shield and made his way to his corner to tag in his brother.

The other Uso took out all three members of The Shield, including planting Rollins with a spine buster.

Things broke down among the teams, leaving only Rollins and one of the Usos in the ring. Rollins got the Uso up on the turnbuckle to attempt a super plex, but the Uso fought him off.

The Uso brother attempted a big splash from the top rope, but caught a pair of knees from Rollins. Rollins then tagged in Reins as they attempted a double team move.

The other Uso thwarted it the move as the Usos performed a couple double teams moves to Rollins and Reins.

Reins bounced up quickly, however, and speared both of the Usos and picked up the win.

Winner: The Shield

After a commercial break, Shawn Michaels greeted us.

Michaels grabbed a microphone and said he knew that he owed Bryan an explanation for what he did at Hell in a Cell. He then asked Bryan to come down to the ring.

Bryan obliged and confronted the man who trained him. Bryan was a lot more subdued than usual as he made his way to the ring without doing the yes chant.

Michaels said that he knew that Bryan wasn’t happy about what happened and that he didn’t intend for it to happen.

Michaels said he called that match right down the middle, which was met by “You sold out” chants from the fans in Orlando.

Michaels said that he saw what Bryan did to Triple H at Hell in a Cell. He went on to say that he knew that Bryan and the fans don’t like Triple H, but that’s his best friend.

Michaels said that is never going to change and that it will supersede everything that happens in the ring.

He said that when everyone had turned his or her backs on him, Triple H was there for him. Michaels said that he had to be there for Triple H.

Michaels simply wanted Bryan to shake his hand and accept his apology. Bryan refused.

Michaels said that he taught Bryan the basics once upon a time and that Sunday he took him to finishing school.

The lesson was that if he wanted to make it in WWE, you don’t trust anyone. Not him, or even his fiancée. Anyone.

Michaels then told Bryan the least he could do is shake his hand after he humbled himself and apologized. Bryan refused again.

Michaels became angry and called Bryan a “self-righteous little puke.” He said that he has stood up for Bryan while people called him a B+ player.

He then said that he doesn’t know nor care whether Bryan is an A+ player, but he did know that he himself was and demanded Bryan to shake his hand again.

Bryan shook his hand, but immediately put Michaels in the yes lock. Bryan didn’t let go until officials showed and pried his hands off Michaels.

After the break, Renee Young was backstage interviewing Bryan when the Wyatt Family attacked him.

Match 4 – Los Matadores vs. 3MB – Two-on-three handicap match

3MB walked out with a big net in what looked like an effort to trap Los Matadores’ little friend El Torito.

Nothing really special happened during this match. The only real entertainment was seeing Heath Slater attempt to sneak up on El Torito with the net. He was unsuccessful and El Torito crawled under the ring.

Slater peaked under the ring, but El Torito found a fire extinguisher and sprayed it right in Slater’s face. While Slater was blinded, the pint-sized bull gored Slater right in his backside. Slater sold it as if an actual bull gored him.

Oh, and Los Matadores won the match.

Winner: Los Matadores

After the match, Slater had somehow gotten caught up in his own net. El Torito came off the top rope and hit him with a high-risk move.

Match 5 – AJ Lee & Tamina vs. The Bella Twins

Brie Bella reluctantly went to the ring, as she was concerned of the health of her fiancée Bryan.

She still started the match, however, against Lee. After a brief exchange between the two, Lee quickly tagged in her partner Tamina. Tamina immediately began to overpower Brie Bella.

Brie Bella eventually made her way to her sister Nikki who quickly mounted some offense.

Tamina cut her off rather quickly and used her power advantage to slow her down. Tamina then tagged in Lee so she could lock in the black widow to pick up the victory.

Winner: AJ Lee & Tamina

Match 6 – Kane vs. The Miz

The Miz limped down to the ring and grimaced as he stepped into the ring. Kane did not show any sympathy and immediately took control of the injured superstar.

The Miz managed to mount some offense, but jumped right into a choke slam from Kane to end the match.

Winner: Kane

Kane grabbed a microphone and demanded that Stephanie McMahon come to the ring because he had something to say to her.

McMahon indeed made her into the arena, but remained on the stage. Kane told her that she had abused her power and ruined lives.

But because it was best for business, the monster was hers for her to unleash, essentially handing over the power of himself to the authority.

He then dropped the microphone and walked up the ramp toward McMahon. Once he made his way to her, he took his mask off and handed it to her.

McMahon held it up in the air as if it was a trophy in a kind of bizarre segment.

After a commercial break, the Primetime Players took their turn to push some WWE merchandise.

Following that was an explanation of Big Show’s lawsuit against WWE by the resident lawyer David Otunga.

Otunga said that in his professional opinion, Big Show’s lawsuit could cost the McMahons millions, including controlling interest in the WWE.

Next up was CM Punk as he came to the ring and grabbed a microphone.

He said that Sunday night was the first time in months that he slept like a baby because he finally destroyed Paul Heyman at Hell in a Cell.

CM Punk then said that his focus shifts solely to Ryback. He went on to say that Ryback is a tough guy, but without Heyman he is nothing more than knuckle-dragging Neanderthal.

Match 7 – CM Punk vs. Ryback – Street Fight

The fans voted for the stipulation via the WWE App, but it seems weird that these two would have this match one night after they were in a HELL IN A CELL MATCH, but what do I know.

Anyway, Ryback started the match by overpowering CM Punk. CM Punk took the big man off his feet by hitting a cross body from the top rope.

CM Punk then knocked Ryback out of the ring and attempted to follow it up with a spring board cross body to the outside of the ring.

Ryback caught CM Punk, however, and slammed him into the ring post and the barricade.

Ryback then took a gander under the ring and pulled out a wooden table. He slid the table into the ring.

CM Punk had somehow got his hands on a kendo stick and went to work on Ryback until the big man overpowered him again.

Ryback backed into a corner for the meat hook clothesline, but CM Punk countered it into a swinging neck breaker.

CM Punk then decided to set up the table, but he was power bombed into the corner by Ryback.

Ryback then put CM Punk on the top rope and attempted to suplex him through the table. CM Punk fended off Ryback and knocked him off the turnbuckle.

CM Punk attempted another cross body, but Ryback caught him out of mid air. He attempted to put CM Punk through the table, but he wiggled out of it. CM Punk then hit Ryback with a big kick to the head.

Ryback fell back onto the table, which allowed CM Punk to climb to the top rope and deliver and flying elbow through the table.

CM Punk immediately followed that up with the anaconda vice, which made Ryback tap out.

Winner: CM Punk

While CM Punk was celebrating yet another victory over Ryback, the Wyatt Family decided to show up again.

After sending Bryan to the hospital, the Wyatt Family made their way to the ring while CM Punk waited in the ring with a kendo stick.

CM Punk did what he could with the kendo stick, but the numbers game quickly caught up to him.

After laying out CM Punk, Bray Wyatt said, “The devil made me do it.” He said the same thing when they laid out Bryan as well. Hmmm…

Match 8 – The Real Americans vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Goldust started things off against Antonio Cesaro and maintained control early until Cesaro mounted some brief offense.

Cesaro tagged in his partner Jack Swagger and the Real Americans tried to isolate Goldust.

Goldust fought of the team and tagged in his brother Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes and Cesaro took part in a brief exchange until Cody Rhodes hit a front suplex and tagged in his brother. Goldust kept the momentum going until Cesaro tagged in Swagger.

Cody Rhodes knocked Swagger out of the ring, which gave the Real Americans a chance to regroup heading into the commercial break.

After the break, Swagger and Cesaro was in control of Cody Rhodes and had managed to isolate him.

After being beaten on for a couple of minutes, including taking a vicious spring board upper cut, Cody Rhodes finally tagged in his brother Goldust.

Goldust jumped into the ring and was on fire. Things eventually broke down between the teams, leaving Goldust and Swagger in the ring.

Goldust hit a cross body from the top rope onto Swagger and went for a cover, but Swagger wiggled out of the pin and into the patriot lock.

Goldust escaped the hold, but eventually had his leg taken out by Swagger. Swagger slapped on the patriot lock again, which forced Goldust to tap out.

Winners: The Real Americans

After the break, Del Rio came out with a Mexican flag in tow. He said his only concern was Cena because he stole his World title.

Del Rio said that he was going to hurt Cena and break his arm via the cross arm breaker.

He finished his promo by saying that the World title belonged to him.

Match 9 – Summer Rae vs. Natalya

There some solid chain wrestling during the match that saw Rae dictate the pace for the most part.

Natalya managed to lock her in the sharp shooter, however, and picked up the win.

Winner: Natalya

It was just like old times as the entire roster was forced to stand on stage while The Shield guarded the ring. Even the “injured” Curtis Axel was on the stage.

Triple H and his wife made their way to the ring and they were all smiles. Triple H invited The Shield into the ring and grabbed a microphone.

He said that a decade ago Vince McMahon asked him who would be the face of the company in the future. He said that he told McMahon that it would be Orton.

He said that he saw that young man become a monster and then matured into an A+ player. He then presented Orton to everyone.

Orton, Triple H and McMahon embraced in a group hug before McMahon said that Orton is everyone’s champion. He is what the rest of the super stars aspire to be.

Orton grabbed the microphone and said that him having the WWE title simply makes him better than everyone.

All of a sudden, Big Show’s music hit, as he busted through the rest of the roster (who still stood there with sad faces) and quickly went to the ring.

The Shield met big Show as they attempted to stop him. All of a sudden, the rest of the roster mustered up the courage to do something and helped Big Show.

Big Show went after Orton, McMahon and Triple H, who immediately cleared the ring upon his arrival.

Big Show picked up the microphone and said he doesn’t care about the restraining order placed on him by the Authority.

Big Show then said that his lawsuit is going to cost the McMahons millions of dollars and that he doesn’t care because he has nothing to lose.

Orton somehow slithered into the ring and hit Big Show with the WWE title belt.

With Big Show down, Triple H jumped back on the apron as he demanded Orton finish Big Show.

Big Show responded by knocking out Orton, leaving just him and Triple H again. Triple H took his jacket and tie off as if he was going to jump into the ring to fight, but decided to back off with the advice of his wife as the show went off the air.