WWE Raw results (10/07/13): Big Show knocks out Triple H, John Cena return announced, Randy vs. Daniel Bryan announced for Hell in a Cell

Here’s a rundown of the Oct. 7 edition of Monday Night Raw:

This edition of Raw came to us live from the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pa, which is not far from where I went to college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

After a rather confusing ending to Battleground Sunday, Stephanie McMahon made her way to the ring to start the show.

She started here promo by saying that the WWE Championship match at Battleground was not only compromised, it was ruined by one selfish man — Big Show.

She then ordered Big Show to come to the ring. Big Show obliged.

He grabbed a microphone and said two words before Stephanie McMahon told him to shut up. She said that she understands that he’s been under pressure at home and at work. And that pressure may have been behind some weird decisions lately, but what he did Sunday was inexcusable.

She then asked what he had to say for himself. Big Show shrugged and said, “I’m sorry.”

Stephanie McMahon mocked his apology and said that he’s “Damn right your sorry.” She said that Triple H has saved him more times than she can count with all of his financial troubles.

She then said there’s no wonder he’s broke, because he can’t manage anything. Not even himself. All they asked him to do was to do his job and he couldn’t even do that right.

Stephanie McMahon said it’s time for Big Show to man up and take responsibility for his actions. Big Show nonchalantly replied, “Man up? OK. Can I go now?”

Stephanie McMahon angrily replied that he couldn’t go and expressed her anger by poking him in the chest. (Didn’t anyone ever tell her to not poke the bear?)

She went to say that they not only paid his mortgage and own his home, but they own him. He doesn’t have to free will. Big Show can’t do anything in the company without her or Triple H’s approval.

She then ordered Big Show to get down on his knees and beg for approval from the fans. Big Show refused. Stephanie McMahon then said that he has no heart or soul.

Big Show then told Stephanie McMahon that he’s not apologizing or begging. He knocked out Randy Orton because he couldn’t take it anymore. He then said that he knocked out Daniel Bryan because Stephanie McMahon told him to.

Stephanie McMahon categorically denied having anything to do with that. She said Brad Maddox did it. Big Show then said that everyone knows that Brad Maddox is just a puppet for her and her son of a witch (he said a bad word here) husband.

Stephanie McMahon then slapped Big Show repeatedly and fired him in the middle of the ring. Big Show tossed the microphone and happily left the ring.

Match 1 – Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow started the very aggressively as he jumped all over Ziggler. After taking a beating from Sandow for about five minutes, Ziggler finally mounted some offense against Sandow.

Sandow halted Ziggler’s brief run of momentum by tossing him out of the ring. Ziggler tried to fend of Sandow again, but was tossed out of the ring a second time.

Ziggler finally sustained offense and gained a near fall on Sandow. He tried to go for the zig zag, but Sandow shook him off. Ziggler then made a rare climb to the top rope, but was knocked off by Sandow.

Ziggler then managed to hit the famasser to get the pin on Sandow.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

We then go to Maddox’s office as Stephanie McMahon was running him down for all of the mishaps from Sunday, including Scott Armstrong being reinstated, a very real blackout, the Rhodes family winning and Big Show ruining the WWE title match.

She told him that she and Triple H trusted him to run the show while they were gone and he failed.

She asked him what he had to say for himself. All he could get out was “Triple H” before Stephanie McMahon cut him off and asked him if he was placing blame on here husband.

She then said that Triple H was out all day long trying to fix the mess that he made and that he was lucky that he wasn’t fired like Big Show.

Stephanie McMahon then asked him if he made the “proper arraignments” to which he said yes . She finished her spiel by ordering him to publicly apologize to the fans and tell them how he was going to make it up to them.

During the commercial break, Jerry “The King” Lawler brought out WWE Hall of Famer and Pittsburgh native Bruno Sammartino. The fans gave him a standing ovation and sung happy birthday to him as he was celebrated his 78th birthday Sunday. Happy belated birthday, Bruno!

Match 2 – Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Aksana vs. Total Divas (Natalya, JoJo & Eva Marie)

I believe this was JoJo and Eva Marie’s first televised match since joining the WWE, but I could be wrong. It could also mean an abomination of a match.

I was right, about Marie’s portion of the match at least. She definitely needs some work selling her opponent’s offense as she took most of the bumps during the match and none of it seemed to hurt her. Who does she think she is? Super Cena?

As for JoJo, well, she never set foot in the ring. She did nothing. At least Marie got in there and did something. Oh well.

Natalya put Fox in the sharpshooter for the win.

Winner: Total Divas

After the match, Brad Maddox went to the top of the ramp and apologized to the fans for what happened at Battleground.

To make it up to them, he booked a rematch between Orton and Bryan inside a Hell in a Cell so that everyone would get to see a definitive winner.

He also announced that there would be a special guest referee in the match and the fan could vote on who will be the official via the WWE App.

He then introduced the first candidate: Booker T (Something’s been up with him and the McMahon’s lately. Do I smell a heel turn coming?).

Booker T took the microphone and told the fans that he would do the right thing for the people and do the right thing for business. (Planting a seed perhaps?)

Match 3 – 3MB  (Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal) vs. Los Matadores

This match took place for the second week in a row and it ended with the same result — Los Matadores coming out on top.

During the match, however, John Bradshaw Layfield compared El Torito, Los Matadores’ little bull friend, to a WWE brawling buddy that came to life. Pretty funny.

Winner: Los Matadores

After the match, El Torito taunted the third member of 3MB, Heath Slater. Slater didn’t take too kindly to his shenanigans and chased the little bull in the ring.

He predictably walked into a trap from Los Matadores.

After a commercial break, Paul Heyman, Curtis Axel and Ryback were in the ring. Heyman had a microphone in hand and introduced himself as the best in the world because he pinned CM Punk with both hands tied behind his back.

He admitted that CM Punk has some bragging rights of his own because he pinned Ryback at Battleground. But he then pointed out that CM Punk won because of a low blow to Ryback.

After he pointed that out, CM Punk made his entrance into the arena. CM Punk stayed on the top of the ramp and asked Heyman if he was calling him a cheater.

CM Punk answered his own question by saying cheating is a relative term and that the only thing he did at Battleground was win.

He said that indeed kicked Ryback in the family jewels, but did so to see if he actually had any.

Heyman then promised that CM Punk would never do that again. CM Punk cut him off and said that everyone knows Heyman’s promises don’t mean anything. He went on to say that not only can he do it again, but also he will beat Ryback again.

CM Punk then accepted a rematch that no one offered him. He then said that this is what people get when they’re a bully and they pick on someone smarter than them.

Heyman handed the microphone to Ryback, who said that if CM Punk had any family jewels, he would have hit him in them a long time ago.

Ryback then said that CM Punk is no tough guy and is nothing but a bully. He then told CM Punk to walk his skinny little butt (he also said a bad word here) to the ring and bully him right then and there.

All of a sudden, R-Truth came out and convinced CM Punk to go to the ring with him and take on Axel and Ryback.

Out of nowhere, a referee came out and we had a tag team match. And we didn’t need Theodore Long to announce it.

Match 4 – CM Punk & R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback

It looked as if CM Punk and Ryback were going to start the match, but Ryback tagged out before anything happened.

Axel stepped in and received a beating from CM Punk before R-Truth joined the fray. R-Truth got in some offense before Axel was able to tag in Ryback.

Ryback commenced to beat up on R-Truth for a couple of minutes. Ryback and Axel then began to cut the ring off from R-Truth.

During the beating of R-Truth, I spotted Ryback calling the next spot to R-Truth multiple times. He needs to work on not being so obvious in calling his spots during the match.

Eventually, Ryback called a spot for R-Truth the mount a comeback. R-Truth dragged himself over to his corner and tagged in CM Punk.

CM Punk entered the ring and cleaned house. He then hit Axel with the GTS and kicked Ryback in the head.

Instead of pinning Axel, CM Punk tagged in R-Truth and let him hit his finishing move for the win.

Winner: R-Truth & CM Punk

The second WWE Hall of Famer was announced for the special guest referee vote and it turned out to be former WWE Champion Bob Backlund. Backlund had a microphone and said that the people have a good reason why people should choose him as the special guest referee. It’s because he doesn’t like to use the word “hell.”

Backlund also said that he’s been a good guy in the business and he’s also been bad. He also said that he doesn’t care who wins or loses and he’ll also do what’s best for business.

If things did get out of control during the match, he said that he would put someone in the cross face chicken wing. He’s sounded crazy, but he had my vote. For nothing else to see the chicken wing and the yes lock in the same match.

Match 5 – Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton

Orton jumped all over Kingston as soon as the bell rang for the match. Kingston mustered up some offense and knocked Orton out of the ring.

Orton took the opportunity to regain his composure before stepping back into the ring.

The two combatants went back and forth a little until Orton took complete control of the match. Kingston managed fight off Orton once again and created some separation between the two.

Kingston had enough separation to hit the S.O.S, but Orton kicked out after a count of two. Kingston then attempted a springboard cross body, but Orton countered it into a power slam. Kingston managed to kick out of the ensuing pin.

The action eventually spilled out of the ring where Orton took control again. Orton hit his signature DDT off the guard rail and from there it was academic.

Orton threw Kingston back in the ring and hit the RKO to finish him off.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Bryan stormed to the ring and went right after Orton. Bryan knocked Orton out of the ring and knocked him over the announce table.

A bunch of officials and agents ran out to separate the to rivals as Orton escaped amid the melee.

After some commercials, Vicki Guerrero was backstage tearing into a random employee when World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio walked by. Guerrero was at Raw at the request of Triple H.

Del Rio asked Guerrero if she was going to name him the new face of the WWE. He then told her that he was hoping to have the night off after beating Rob Van Dam at Battleground, but since he does have a match, he trusted Guerrero that she would find the right opponent for him.

He then brown-nosed here by telling her she was the most talented general manager in WWE history and even called her sexy. Guerrero seemed flattered as Del Rio gave her his scarf and a kiss.

As Del Rio walked away, Guerrero looked disgusted and dropped Del Rio’s scarf.

The third Hall of Famer was then announced for the special guest referee vote. It turned out to be the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

(Side note: Michaels trained Bryan way back in the day. He also trained Brian Kendrick also known as Spanky).

Michaels got on the microphone and made it clear that he and Triple H are personal best friends. He said the key word in the statement was personal. What he would do at Hell in a Cell would be business.

Michaels also made it clear that he trained Bryan. He then said that he won’t let his friendships sway him and he doesn’t like Orton. Orton doesn’t like him either apparently and he won’t let that sway him.

Michaels then told the audience to vote for “old HB-shizzle,” which brought about a HB-shizzle chant.

He then guaranteed that there would definitely be a new WWE champion because he doesn’t care what’s best for business; he wants what’s best for all of the WWE fans.

Here's all three Hall of Famers' promos HERE.

Match 6 – Alberto Del Rio vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

Before the match, Guerrero announced that Rodriguez would take on Del Rio.

Rodriguez reluctantly walked down to the ring as Del Rio was licking his chops. Before the two could start, Guerrero announced that Del Rio would defend his World title at Hell in a Cell against … John Cena. (What?!?)

Before Del Rio could get too upset, Rodriguez caught him from behind and pinned him to pick up the victory.

Winner: Ricardo Rodriguez

After the match, Rodriguez was as happy as could be that he just pinned the champion and jumped on top of the announce table.

Del Rio rained on Rodriguez’s parade, however, took his legs out from under him, which sent him back first into the table.

Del Rio then kicked Rodriguez in the head and tossed him into the steps. Del Rio grabbed a chair, wrapped it around Rodriguez’s arm and began stomping on it.

Match 7 – Fandango vs. Zack Ryder

Fandango controlled the match from the outset as he grounded Ryder. Ryder mounted a comeback, however, and gained some control of the match.

His comeback was short-lived though as Fandango took back control and hit his big leg drop off the top rope.

Winner: Fandango

After that quick squash match, Lawler hopped on the microphone to announce the winner of the special guest referee vote.

To the surprised of no one, Michaels won the vote with a whopping 61 percent of the vote.

Match 8 – The Real Americans vs. Santino Marella & The Great Khali

Santino and Swagger started the match with some comedic wrestling before Cesaro was tagged and commenced the beating of Santino.

Santino finally made his way to Khali to get him in the match as beat on Cesaro for a little bit.

Cesaro eventually got Khali down again and did the Cesaro Swing, which is awesome every time you see it. Cesaro made Khali so dizzy, he couldn’t even get up and was quickly pinned.

Winner: The Real Americans

After the match was done, Swagger chased down and caught poor little Hornswoggle. He tossed him into the ring and was put in the Cesaro Swing.

During the swing, Santino got back into the ring and hit Cesaro with the Cobra, which the fans in Pittsburgh booed as they wanted to see the swing continue.

After some commercials, we were treated to another edition of Miz TV. His guest on this edition was … himself.

Before The Miz could get started, the Wyatt Family made their way into the arena. As usual, the Wyatt’s surrounded The Miz. He had no other option but to fight his was past Bray Wyatt and was successful.

Bray Wyatt did that weird upside down pose of his and told The Miz that he cannot escape.

Maddox and Stephanie McMahon was in the office as he asked if had done a good job. She told him he had a long way to go.

Triple H then walked in and said he a long day because he was trying to clean up Maddox’s mess.

Triple H said that he was not taking any chances and that he was personally going to make sure what happened was best for business.

Match 9 – The Shield vs. Cody Rhodes, Goldust & Daniel Bryan

Seth Rollins and Goldust started the match with Goldust gaining the early upper hand. He tagged in his brother Cody Rhodes, but Rollins recovered in time to tag in his teammate Dean Ambrose.

Before Rollins and Ambrose could do some damage, Cody Rhodes managed to gain control of Ambrose. The Rhodes then went to work on Ambrose.

Ambrose managed to gain momentum in the match after he pushed Cody Rhodes off the top rope all the way to the floor. The Shield then began to go to work on Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes fought his way back into the match after he hit a moonsault from the top rope onto Ambrose. He then mustered enough energy to get to his corner and tag in Bryan.

Bryan came in like a house of fire as Jim Ross would say and took out The Shield one-by-one.

Things broke down quickly when Roman Reins broke up a pin attempt from Bryan. Once the smoke cleared, Bryan and Rollins were left in the ring. Bryan locked on the yes lock, but Ambrose jumped into the ring and hit Cody Rhodes with a chair to end the match.

Before Justin Roberts could announce that the Rhodes brothers and Bryan the winners, Triple H took the microphone and said that he wasn’t going to have another indecisive night and restarted the match under no disqualification rules.

Once the match restarted, Bryan took out Ambrose and Reins with a suicide dive. Bryan began a yes chat, but Orton came out of the crowd and hit him with an RKO. Orton then threw Bryan back into the ring for Rollins to pin him and win.

Winner: The Shield

After the match, Triple H gave the signal for The Shield to continue beating on the Rhodes brothers and Bryan.

All of a sudden, Big Show’s music hit and out came the giant. Triple H had a look of astonishment on his face and jumped into the ring behind The Shield.

Big Show walked in the ring, but the numbers game quickly caught up with him. Triple H threw his jacket down and was now ready for a fight.

Big Show then tossed the entire group off him, leaving just him and Triple H in the ring. Big Show wasted little time in knocking out Triple H.

Bryan crawled back into the ring and stood over Triple with a big smile on his face and did the yes chant.