WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 results: Sweet chin music from Shawn Michaels helps Randy Orton win WWE Championship

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton started the match by trading punches in the ring. Orton slowed down Bryan by hitting a power slam in the middle of the ring.

Orton then went for hits patented DDT, but Bryan countered by hanging Orton on the ropes. Bryan then hit Orton with a missile drop kick from the top rope.

Bryan tried to get up and running, but Orton halted that momentum with a drop kick of his own.

Orton took control of the match by hanging Bryan on the ropes multiple times. After the third time, Orton knocked Bryan off the ring apron into the side of the cell.

He followed that up by slamming Bryan into the steel steps. Orton then picked up another set of steel steps and hit Bryan with them.

Orton kept the match at the pace he desired by slowly punishing Bryan. Bryan fought back, however, by tossing Orton into a set of steel steps that Orton put up against the cage.

Bryan then went to work on Orton with kicks and slammed his head into the side of the cell multiple times. Bryan tossed Orton back into the ring and kicked Orton in the chest and back.

Bryan then hung Orton upside down from the turnbuckle and began kicking him again. Bryan followed the kicks with a drop kick to Orton’s head.

Bryan then kicked Orton out of the ring and hit two consecutive suicide dives. Bryan went for a third, but Orton ducked out of the way, sending Bryan flying head first into the cell.

Orton then rammed Bryan’s groin into the ring post. Orton kept hold of Bryan and hit his version of a back breaker on the outside of the ring.

Orton tossed Bryan back into the ring and went for a cover, but Bryan quickly kicked out. Orton then put Bryan on the top rope and head butted him multiple times.

Bryan fought off Orton and hit a sunset flip from the top rope and power bombed Orton. The two combatants then fought each other to their feet with punches and upper cuts.

Bryan picked up the pace and finished the sequence with a flying elbow. He then hit back-to-back drop kicks to Orton in the corner.

Bryan then placed Orton on the top rope and hit a frankensteiner. He then hit a move from the top rope and went for a cover, but Orton kicked out after a count of two.

Bryan was the first back to his feet and began hitting Orton with kicks. Orton ducked under the third one and rolled up Bryan for the pin.

Bryan countered the pin into the yes lock. Orton broke the hold by rolling out of the ring. Bryan followed him out there and tossed him into the cell multiple times before drop kicking him into it.

Bryan then looked under the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He took the chair and began beating on Orton with it.

Bryan then grabbed multiple chairs and began tossing them all into the ring while Orton was down. He tossed at least 10 into the ring.

He then turned his attention back to Orton as he hit him with the steel chair some more. He rolled Orton back into the ring and attempted to hit him with the chair, but Orton thumbed him in the eye and got in a few chair shots of his own.

Orton went for a couple of pin attempts, but Bryan kicked out each time. Orton then began to stack up the chairs in the middle of the ring.

Orton then put Bryan on the top rope and attempted to superplex him on top of them. Bryan momentarily fought him off, but Orton stayed persistent as he eventually pulled off the crazy move.

Orton went for a cover, but Bryan kicked out again. Triple H came from the backstage area and began to argue with Shawn Michaels about the pin counts.

Meanwhile, Orton hit a suplex to Bryan and covered him, but Michaels was arguing with Triple H and missed the pin attempt.

Orton went to the outside and began arguing with Michaels. He refocused on Bryan, but Bryan tried to lock in the yes lock. Orton shook Bryan off and hit his patented DDT. Orton then went for the RKO, but Bryan pushed him into Michaels, knocking him down.

While Michaels was on the mat hurt, Triple H had the cell unlocked so he could get the doctor inside

Bryan then hit Orton with the flying knee, but Michaels was still down. Triple H came into the ring and tossed Bryan off Michaels.

Bryan then Triple H with the flying knee as well, but Michaels took offense to Bryan hitting his best friend and hit him with sweet chin music.

Orton crawled over for the cover and Michaels reluctantly counted to three.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Randy Orton