WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 results: John Cena wins the World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto Del Rio started the match by going right after John Cena’s injured elbow. Cena managed to escape Del Rio’s clutches and rolled out of the ring to regain his composure.

Cena then hit Del Rio with a shoulder block, but immediately began selling the elbow injury. Cena even went as far as to back into a corner so the official could back Del Rio off.

Del Rio immediately jumped on Cena with some punches and kicks, but Cena fought back punches and kicks of his own. Cena then hit a bulldog for good measure.

Del Rio didn’t stay down long as he knocked Cena down and out of the ring.

Once the action returned to the ring, Del Rio took complete control of the match by hitting a German suplex.

After being beaten on for a couple of minutes, Cena was able to buy himself some time to regroup as he tossed Del Rio out of the ring.

Del Rio caught Cena on his way back on to the ring by hanging him on the ropes. Del Rio then went to the top rope, but was countered by Cena as he drop-kicked him out of the air.

Cena then went on a run of offense that concluded with the five-knuckle shuffle. Cena went for the attitude adjustment, but Del Rio countered into the back stabber.

After some back and forth between the two, Cena hit a DDT from the top rope. He went for a cover, but the champion kicked out. Cena then went to the top rope, but Del Rio kicked him in the head once he got there.

Del Rio went for a pin, but Cena kicked out after a count of two. After the two traded counters and reversals, Del Rio hit Cena with a backbreaker and got a near fall.

The champion then hung Cena upside down from the top rope and kicked him square in his chest. Del Rio ran after Cena, but Cena pulled himself up, which sent Del Rio into the ring post.

Cena then hit a cross body. Del Rio somehow managed to hit a arm bar to slow down Cena. Del Rio then went for the cross arm breaker, but Cena countered it into the STF.

Del Rio managed to break the hold via a rope break. Del Rio kicked Cena in the mid section and in the head before slapping on the cross arm breaker.

Cena rolled Del Rio up, picked him up off the ground and slammed him into the mat to break the hold.

Cena went for another attitude adjustment and hit it to win the World title for third time and for 14th time between the WWE and World titles.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena