WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 results: CM Punk defeats Ryback inside Hell in a Cell, beats on Paul Heyman with a kendo stick

Paul Heyman came to the ring on a lift that allowed him to get to the top of the cell. Heyman cut a promo from the top of the cell and stayed there throughout the match.

CM Punk began the match by cutting Ryback down to size as he attacked his knee. Ryback sold the knee injury outside of the ring only for CM Punk to do a suicide dive into the cell fence.

CM Punk then picked up a kendo stick from under the ring and went after Ryback, but Ryback was able to avoid him.

Ryback countered by picking up CM Punk and running him back first into the cell. Ryback took control of the match from there.

CM Punk used Ryback’s momentum against him by pulling the ropes down and sending Ryback out of the ring. CM Punk then climbed to the rope and hit Ryback with a double ax handle.

Ryback fought back, however, by pushing CM Punk into the steel steps. Ryback then picked CM Punk up and suplexed him into the cell multiple times to regain control of the match.

CM Punk got himself by back into the match again by using the big man’s momentum against him. CM Punk managed to get to the ropes and attempted a springboard clothesline, but was caught by Ryback who immediately slammed him to the mat.

Ryback went for a pin, but CM Punk kicked out after a two-count. CM Punk eventually got his hands on the kendo stick again and went to work on Ryback with it.

CM Punk then hit his big elbow drop from the top rope and gained a near fall. He then picked up the kendo stick up again and began whaling on Ryback.

CM Punk wanted to raise the stakes at this point as he grabbed a wooden table from under the ring. Before he could set it up, Ryback attacked him from behind.

Ryback then picked CM Punk up and dropped him groin first on the side of the table. He followed that up with the meat hook clothesline. He went for a cover, but CM Punk kicked out.

Ryback set the table upright and dragged CM Punk over to it, but CM Punk hit him with a low blow. Ryback fell on top of the table, which allowed CM Punk to climb to the top rope and hit the elbow drop through the table.

CM Punk hit Ryback with kendo stick again and followed it up with the GTS for the victory.

Winner: CM Punk

Heyman remained on top of the cell as CM Punk asked him, “Where are you going to go?” CM Punk grabbed another kendo stick and began to climb to the top of the cell after Heyman.

Heyman, who is apparently afraid of heights, but inexplicably climbed the cell, looked for somewhere to run.

CM Punk got his hands on him though, kissed him on the forehead and began whaling on him with kendo stick, which had the crowd going crazy.

CM Punk then signaled for the GTS and hit Heyman with it.