WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 results: Cody Rhodes, Goldust retain WWE Tag Team Championships

Goldust started things off against Seth Rollins. Rollins tagged in one of the Usos quickly after being knocked down by Goldust.

Goldust continued to look impressive with some offense against one of the Usos. Goldust tagged in his brother Cody Rhodes, who kept the momentum going.

The Usos performed a blind tag, which turned into a near fall for them. Cody Rhodes managed to tag his brother back into the match.

Goldust had some momentum going until Roman Reins dragged Goldust out of the ring after he hit the ropes.

Reins soon became the legal man and took control of the match in favor of The Shield. Reins tagged in his partner Rollins and kept the pressure on Goldust.

After being beaten on for a couple of minutes, Goldust finally mounted some offense, but Rollins hit a drop kick to Cody Rhodes.

When Goldust tried to tag in the Usos, Rollins knocked both of the brothers off the apron, forcing Goldust to remain the legal man.

Once Goldust realized his options had run out, Reins used his power to take back control of the match.

The Shield’s control didn’t last much longer as Goldust was finally able to tag in his brother. Cody Rhodes jumped into the match on fire as took out both members of The Shield.

Cody Rhodes went for the disaster kick, but the Usos did a blind tag during the move. Cody Rhodes missed the kick, but the Usos came right in and hit a cross body on to Rollins.

Things eventually broke down during the match as all three teams were involved in the match.

Eventually, Cody Rhodes and Rollins were left in the ring. Cody Rhodes got Rollins to the top rope and went for a superplex … out of the ring. He was successful as Rollins landed on the other teams in the match in an incredible spot.

After a couple of finishers from each team, Cody Rhodes hit the cross Rhodes onto Rollins to get the win.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Cody Rhodes and Goldust