WATCH: TNA's Jeremy Borash showed off dance moves, won fan of the night at Nashville Predators game

TNA Wrestling’s Jeremy Borash has accomplished a lot during his career in the wrestling business, but Tuesday night may be the biggest feat of his life to date.

Borash was in Nashville (The home of TNA’s headquarters) and attended a Predators game as they took on and defeated the Florida Panthers, 4-3.

The real victory came when Borash was shown on the jumbotron during the game. Borash is usually as professional as they come, but he let loose when the spotlight was on him.

He jumped up and flailed his arms around in what he called in the description of the video on his YouTube channel, “his patented mysterious kung-fu dance moves.”

His mastery of the flailing arm kung-fu technique earned him fan of the night and a big round of applause from the Nashville faithful.

He defeated two other wannabe fans of the night in a landslide victory.

Borash considered his showing as evidence of why his body is the “loaded gun and his soul is the ammunition.

Video courtesy of Borash’s YouTube channel.

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