WATCH: Jeff Jarrett says he's scouting talent for new wrestling promotion

TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett announced that he is looking for the top wrestling talent in the world for a new wrestling promotion via video produced by the Emmy-Award Kevin Sullivan.

Since announcing his resignation from TNA Wrestling, Jarrett has kept quiet on what his next move would be. Rumors have been bubbling for weeks that he is attempting to start another wrestling promotion. He all but confirmed that in this video.

Jarrett talked about traveling to Mexico to scout talent and said that a formal announcement about his next endeavor professional wrestling is on the way.

He also talked about the relationships he has in the wrestling business, including with Lucha Libre AAA in Mexico and said that he believes that the industry is on the cusp of another boom period.

The full video is below.

[h/t to for the find] [Video courtesy of Kevin Sullivan]