Update on TNA for sale rumors; Change to TNA show in Philadelphia in December

Rumors have been running rampant that the Carter family is looking to sell TNA Impact Wrestling.

WrestlingNewsSource.com provided an update on the situation in the form of a quote from Brian Elliott, the editor of Fighting Spirit Magazine in the United Kingdom.

“The Carter family ha been open to receiving offers for TNA for several months. There are a select number of business people on the inside to who this has been made clear. You have to understand that it’s not like the company is going to be listed on eBay; keeping the fact that they are open to selling TNA to a small number of potentially interested parties keeps the price that the Carters can get for it at a much higher level than if they went public that the company was for sale.”

In case people didn’t know, Fighting Spirit Magazine is the publication TNA wrestler and UK native, Magnus writes a column for.

In other TNA news, Jason Powell of ProWrestling.net reports that the television taping scheduled for Dec. 26 at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia has been changed to an untelevised event and will take place Dec. 27.

Powell believes that TNA will be taping all of December’s and January’s episodes of Impact in the new Impact Zone Nov. 21, which would explain Philadelphia losing the television taping.