Pro Wrestling Syndicate announces the acquisition of WWE superstar Cody Rhodes

WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. (Photo courtesy of WWE)

Pro Wrestling Syndicate, an independent wrestling promotion based out of New Jersey, announced via Twitter the exclusive acquisition of WWE superstar Cody Rhodes when his 90-day no-compete clause expires.

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The acquisition comes off the heels of Rhodes being fired in storyline from WWE by COO Triple H after he lost a match to Randy Orton.

In reality, Rhodes was getting married about a week later and received time off to go on his honeymoon. His firing was a way to write him off television for a couple of weeks while he spent some time with his new bride.

When performers are released by WWE for real, the company usually exercises a 90-day no-compete clause that is in the performer’s contract. What that means is that the performer cannot wrestle or appear on television for 90 days starting the day they are released.

If they do, it would be a breech of contract.

In story, Rhodes is still fired and is apparently taking independent bookings to make ends meet. Pro Wrestling Syndicate seems to be his first stop.

Rhodes Tweeted a response to Pro Wrestling Syndicate calling the promotion a “dark horse organization right now with an abundance of talent.”

It may be his only stop as he will team up with his brother Dustin, better known as Goldust, against The Shield’s Seth Rollins and Roman Reins at Battleground Sunday on pay-per-view.

If the Rhodes brothers win, Cody Rhodes gets his job back, Dustin Rhodes receives a new job from the company and their father Dusty Rhodes gets to keep his job as a trainer and developer of talent at the WWE Performance Center.

If they lose, all three will be unemployed.

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