Mick Foley gives update on his future with WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley gave an extensive update on his WWE future via a Facebook post Thursday.

He noted in the post that his current contract with WWE is ending soon and that he will work with the company on a “case-by-case handshake deal” moving forward. All of this info came out of a meeting he had with the WWE in Connecticut recently.

My official contract with WWE runs out soon, but we have mutually agreed to continue to work together on a case-by-case handshake deal — the same way I did some of my best work (remember 2004 Randy Orton program) with WWE in the past. The only minor difference (other than not getting a weekly check … ouch) is that I will work prospective WWE dates and projects around my schedule, instead of working my schedule around prospective dates. With the success of my live shows (thanks everyone!) I needed more flexibility in my schedule. But WWE has shown some interest in partnering with me on these live shows in the future, and a WWE produced, first-class, multi-media one-man Mick Foley show has always been my long-term goal. As WWE showed with the roll-out of the new network, when they go into something, they go ALL in — and I’m crossing my fingers, hoping they’ll go ALL in on a fall 2014 15th anniversary “Have a Nice Day” production — even if it’s just for a limited run.”

Outside of WWE, Foley has kept himself busy with his live show that he has taken all over the world and still does a decent amount of writing.

To read the full statement, click HERE.

 [h/t to PWInsider.com for the find]