Ken Anderson, TNA negotiating new contract

Former TNA wrestler Ken Anderson appeared on the 4th and Pain Radio Show recently and talked about his current status with the company.

Anderson’s contract with TNA recently expired without renewal and has been recently taking independent bookings.

He said during the interview that his agent and TNA are currently in the negotiating process of a new deal.

“My contract with TNA expired as of Friday of last week, but we’re just negotiating right now,” Anderson said. “I’m hoping and assuming we’ll come to an agreement relatively soon and be back on Thursday nights.”

“I have no intentions on not being with TNA,” Anderson added. “I enjoy my time with TNA and I think it’s a really good time for the company right. I’m really excited by some of the changes that are going on now and some of the changes that are taking place.”

Anderson was on the show because he had a bet with one of the hosts of the show, Redskins defensive lineman Adam Carriker.

Anderson is a native of Green Bay, Wisc. and is an avid Packers fan. The Redskins played and lost to the Packers Sept. 15, 38-20. As a result, Carriker had to cut a promo in the style of Anderson proclaiming how awesome Anderson is. It was quite entertaining.

Anderson also told the show that he and his wife are expecting twins. He said they’ve known that they will be having twins for a while, but recently found out they will be having a boy and a girl.

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