Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella engaged to be married

Daniel Bryan and girlfriend Brie Bella are engaged to be married, according to a report from E!.

Bryan and Bella have been together going on three years and their relationship has recently been exposed to the world on the E! reality show, “Total Divas.”

Bryan reportedly popped the question Wednesday while the couple was on a hike in California.

“I have never in my life been so nervous, Bella told E!. “I’ve been by him when he’s gone for WrestleMania and some really big things. He got really, really nervous and he started talking about how long we’ve been together. He got down on one knee and compared our love. He said he’ll love me forever like the ocean goes.”

Bella also divulged details of the ring Bryan put on her finger as well. In typical Bryan fashion, the ring is environmentally friendly and conflict-free. It’s apparently a vintage European diamond that’s 1.5 carats.

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[h/t to PWInsider.com for the find]