CM Punk talks contract status, Ultimate Warrior, WWE Network and Michelle Beadle

CM Punk recently took part in an extensive video interview with where he discussed a number of topics, including his contract status with WWE, Ultimate Warrior, the Michelle Beadle situation and the WWE Network.

CM Punk revealed during the interview that his contract expires in July. As of the interview, CM Punk said there have been no discussions about signing a new one and that he isn’t sure whether he wants to remain with the company.

“Everything is up in the air,” he said. “Plus, if I say yes and I don’t then I was lying. If I say no and I re-sign I was full of [expletive].”

“Three years ago, I was out the door. I was 100 percent, ‘No, I’m not re-signing’ and now, this time just, to avoid little bit of déjà vu, I think I’m going to dance around that question,” he added.

CM Punk said that his boss changes about every six months and doesn’t know who his boss is currently.

He does prefer to go straight to Vince McMahon to get things done. He said that he has a direct line to McMahon being as though they both don’t sleep very much.

“I go through like a cycle where I just kind of stay out of the way and I don’t talk to anybody, but then I realize I do have this ability to communicate with Vince McMahon, the guy I used to watch commentate.”

Among the things CM Punk has talked to the higher-ups about recently was inducting Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“He’s a lot like me,” he said of Warrior. “He doesn’t like anybody and anybody who’s every worked with him pretty much just talks [expletive] about him, so I’m kind of fascinated.”

CM Punk said he’s never met Warrior despite talking to him on numerous occasions and doubted that he would actually get the chance to induct him.

Another major announcement that WWE made recently was the WWE Network. CM Punk said that he wasn’t really sure how it would affect the wrestlers and their pay-per-view money, but thinks it’s great for the fans.

“I don’t know,” he said about whether the network will be good for the wrestling business. “I’ll tell you when I get my pay-per-view checks because I still don’t know what’s happening with that.”

“It’s considerably less money, which is great for fans,” he added. “God, I would have killed to have that thing in ’97.”

He also said that the WWE didn’t tell the wrestlers anything details about the network before announcing it to the world Jan. 8.

“I think that’s what Vince has always been good at,” he said. “Doing stuff that a lot of people wouldn’t really have the guts to do. He really puts his neck on the line, so this could be another one of those things. People thought he was crazy when he was trying to get on syndicated cable and look what happened.”

As far as the real story about what happened between him and Beadle at Tribute to the Troops, he said, “I thought me and Beadle were pals. She had this group of women with her and she walked past me and she said some disrespectful [expletive] and I was like, ‘Whoa!” Then, my girlfriend [AJ Lee] pulled her aside in front of the same group of people, and she introduced herself, and said, ‘Don’t be disrespecting my boyfriend,’ and Beadle just went, ‘Okay,’ and walked away and that was it.”

According to CM Punk, Beadle said, “What’s up, ****face?” and then high-fived one of the women she was with. He also noted that he and Beadle are no longer friends.

To watch the full interview, click HERE.

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