CM Punk moved to alumni section of WWE's web site

It was a subtle move, but it spoke volumes.

For anyone who perused Tuesday, they may have noticed a slight change to the company’s active and alumni roster. That’s because gone from the active and new to the alumni section was CM Punk.

CM Punk unceremoniously left the WWE the night after the Royal Rumble in January. Why he left and on what terms he left on is still unclear. According to Paul Heyman, CM Punk’s personal friend, the only people the do know are CM Punk, Triple H and Vince McMahon. None one in that trio has said anything publicly about the situation regarding why it happened.

CM Punk’s contract reportedly doesn’t expire until Thursday, but his addition to the alumni section of the web site is seemingly the end of a long-running story … for now at least.

CM Punk is still under the age of 40, so a return to the company that made him an international star — and rich beyond his wildest dreams — is not outside the realm of possibility.

Bret Hart returned to the company and he left in more public and embarrassing fashion. He also vowed to never work for McMahon and the WWE again.

CM Punk has made no such claims as of yet. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t said much of anything besides a tweet thanking the fans for all of their support.

But for now, fans are only left to reminisce on the good days gone by and hope that they haven’t seen the last of CM Punk in the WWE.

[h/t to Cageside Seats for the find]