WWE Survivor Series 2013 results: Randy Orton retains WWE Championship, title unification match teased

As soon as the bell rang, Randy Orton ducked out of the ring and took his time getting back into it.

Once he got back into it, Orton did his best to avoid Big Show and ducked out of the ring again.

Big Show gave chase this time and was met by forearms from Orton back in the ring. Big Show quickly turned the tables on Orton and delivered some slaps to Orton’s chest.

Orton rolled out of the ring again, but was picked up by Big Show back on the ring apron. Orton hung Big Show up on the rope for momentary control, but Big Show quickly powered his way back on top.

Big Show then hit the ropes, but was met by a drop kick from the champion. Orton quickly jumped on the larger challenger and kept him grounded.

Orton eventually jumped on Big Show’s back to lock on a sleeper hold, which was met by “boring” chants from a segment of the fans in Boston.

Big Show eventually shook off Orton to break the sleeper hold and built up some momentum. Orton tried to halt that momentum by ducking out of the ring yet again.

Big Show gave chase again and caught Orton. He then tossed the champion into two sets of steel steps. Big Show tossed Orton and climbed to the top rope. Orton thwarted the challenged and managed to hit a DDT.

Orton then set up for the RKO, but Big Show countered into a choke slam. Big Show went for a cover, but Orton kicked out.

Big Show then signaled for the knockout punch, but once again, Orton ducked out of the ring. Big Show caught Orton again and choke slammed Orton against the ropes, which also knocked down the official.

With the official down, Orton pushed Big Show into the steel steps and picked up a steel chair. Big Show slapped the chair out of Orton’s hands and tossed him into the crowd.

The two combatants briefly battled in the audience before Big Show tossed Orton back over the barricade. Orton managed to attempt the DDT, but Big Show wiggled out and hit him with the knockout punch.

Big Show rolled Orton back into the ring, but Triple H’s music hit. Out came Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane.

Orton took advantage of the distraction and hit Big Show with the RKO. Orton then backed into a corner and hit Big Show with the punt to retain the title in an extremely average main event.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton

After the match, John Cena came out and lifted up his World Heavyweight title and walked to the ring.

Cena pointed to his shirt and showed of his title belt to the crowd to essentially tease a title unification match at some point.