WWE Raw results (11/11/13): The Shield, Wyatt Family square off; Big Show gets revenge on Randy Orton; CM Punk beats Paul Heyman again

WWE Superstar lands a punch during a match. (Photo courtesy of WWE)

Here’s a rundown of the Nov. 11 edition of Monday Night Raw:

This edition of Raw came to us from the Phones 4u Arena all the way in Manchester, England.

Right off the top of the show it was announced that the Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, were on vacation and were not in attendance for the show.

After that, the Authority’s puppet, I mean WWE Champion, Randy Orton made his way to the ring.

Orton grabbed the microphone and talked about the beating he gave to his No. 1 contender Big Show last week. He then said that he would beat Big Show at Survivor Series, retain his title and retain his status as the face of the WWE.

Orton then announced that since Triple H and McMahon were on vacation, he was in charge of the show.

Raw general manager Brad Maddox (Where has he been?) interrupted Orton and told him that he appreciated that he would try to help in running the show, but he is the general manager.

Maddox said that he has the authority and responsibility of the show. Maddox was set to make an announcement about the show, the Director of Operations (Whatever that means) Kane walked out looking all dapper and done up in a suit.

Kane grabbed a microphone, but before he could say anything, the Manchester fans collectively told him, “You sold out.”

Kane finally said that he is in fact in charge of the show while Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were away, not Maddox.

Maddox told Kane that he’s had the general manager role for quite a while and since he’s new to this sort of thing he should just follow his lead.

Maddox the announced that Orton would take on WWE Tag Team champion Cody Rhodes in the first match. Kane said that wasn’t going to happen. He announced that Orton would face Goldust.

Orton told the two to make up their minds because he wasn’t going to able to fight the both of them.

Out of nowhere came, “Excuse me!” Smackdown Vickie Guerrero then walked out to chorus of boos from the fans in England.

While Guerrero was trying to say whatever she had to say, the fans in England were laying into her to the point that she could barely get words out of her mouth.

She was finally able to announce that Orton would indeed face both Cody Rhodes and Goldust in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

Match 1 – Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust – Handicap Match

Orton started the match off with Goldust with some chain wrestling. That didn’t last long as eventually the two started exchanging blows.

Goldust, believe it or not, picked up the pace and gained control of the champion. He then tagged in his brother, who kept the momentum alive.

Orton then suckered Cody Rhodes by back into the corner and then pulled him into the middle turnbuckle.

Goldust then blind tagged his brother when Orton threw him into the ropes. Cody Rhodes held on only for Goldust to roll up Orton with a pin. Orton kicked out.

Orton didn’t stay down long, however, as he was able to mount some offense to the veteran Goldust.

While Orton methodically wore down Goldust, the Manchester fans began to entertain themselves with various chants.

After a couple of minutes and a commercial break, Goldust finally began to fight his back in the match and eventually made the hot tag to Cody Rhodes.

Little brother hopped in the ring and began to tear fire into Orton. He even hit a moonsault from the top rope, which earned him a near fall.

The tag team eventually clotheslined Orton out of the ring and Orton was in no hurry to get back into the ring. He was counted out.

Winners via countout: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

As Orton began to slither his way to the back, Big Show came out and essentially trapped Orton between a rock and a hard place.

The Rhodes’ actually cleared the ring for Orton to escape, but he still turned around and tried to fight Big Show head on.

Big Show punished Orton with a series of body shots and tossed the champion into the steel steps.

Big Show then tore apart the announcer’s table with full intentions on sending Orton through it. Big Show slid some steps next to the table, dragged Orton over to them and choke slammed him through the table from the steps.

Orton looked legitimately hurt after taking the long fall through the table. He was favoring his left shoulder.

Apparently during the commercial break, Big Show left the arena in a Manchester cab that he had to squeeze into.

Match 2 – Los Matadores & Santino Marella vs. The Union Jacks (3MB)

Santino came out with bullhorns on his head.

Then 3MB came out as the Union Jacks dressed in outfits made out of the United Kingdon flag.

I did some independent research on this and apparently, the flag of the United Kingdom is referred to as the Union Jack.

What this did for 3MB, however, was instantly make them the babyfaces in the match.

As for the match itself, it was kind of a cluster. El Torito taunted Heath Slater again. Slater stupidly chased him around the ring. Santino eventually gored Slater out of the ring.

El Torito runs into Drew McIntyre, who was then hit with a suicide dive from both members of Los Matadores. El Torito then hit Slater with a high-risk move of his own, which should have been a disqualification, but whatever.

Santino and Jinder Mahal are left in the ring, only for Santino to pull out a horned cobra to finish off Mahal and the Union Jacks.

Winners: Los Matadores & Santino Marella

After the match, we get a glimpse of Orton being treated by WWE doctors. Maddox walked and apologized to him for the match, as it was not his idea.

Guerrero and Kane followed suit. Orton wasn’t hearing any of it and told them apologize to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon next week.

Kane set Orton straight by saying that if he kept running his mouth, Big Show wouldn’t be his only problem.

Match 3 – Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow was all over Kingston from outset and maintained control for the bulk of the match.

Kingston finally mounted a comeback, which included a big kick to the head and a splash to Sandow’s back.

Sandow fought his way back into the match and eventually it Kingston with the “you’re welcome” to pick up the relatively easy win.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Match 4 – Dolph Ziggler vs. Curtis Axel (c) – Intercontinental Championship

Ziggler and Axel engaged in some good old-fashioned chain wrestling before Axel landed some strikes.

After a brief exchange, Axel then landed a big drop kick.

Ziggler responded with a big drop kick of his own. He followed that up with a hip toss and a vertical suplex.

Ziggler then hit Axel with the 10 elbows that nearly killed Jerry “The King” Lawler more than a year ago.

Axel didn’t stay down long, however, as he tossed Ziggler out of the ring. Ziggler landed rather awkwardly and began favoring his shoulder. Axel assumed control of the match from there.

Ziggler fought back by suddenly hitting a big DDT that left both men lying on the mat.

Both men made it to their feet when Axel charged at Ziggler in the corner. Ziggler slipped out of the way, which sent Axel shoulder-first into the ring post.

Ziggler began to pick up the pace with a flurry of moves that earned him a near fall. Ziggler then went for the famasser, but Axel ducked out of the way. Axel then managed to monkey flip Ziggler into the turnbuckle.

Axel then rolled up Ziggler for a pin, but Ziggler kicked out. Ziggler suddenly hit the famasser and covered Axel, but only came away with a two count.

Axel managed to hit Ziggler with a back drop, but came away with yet another near fall. Axel then decided to head to the top rope, but Ziggler met him up there and drove him face-first into the mat from the top rope.

Ziggler went for a cover, but Axel kicked out yet again. Ziggler attempted the zig zag, but Axel held on to the ropes. He then catapulted Ziggler into the air and dropped him straight to the mat. Axel followed that up with swinging neck breaker to pick up the clean win over Ziggler.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

Back to the offices we went as Maddox and Kane were bickering about mostly nothing. Maddox then announced that the Real Americans would be in a handicap match against John Cena.

Kane countered by announcing that The Shield would be in a handicap match against Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

Maddox went to shake Kane’s hand, but Kane declined.

After the break, it was Zack Ryder’s turn to pimp some WWE merchandise with the promo code: BROSKI.

Match 5 – Nikki Bella vs. Tamina Snuka

This was a sort of entertaining match. The one thing I noticed was that for a big enforcer, Tamina sure does leave her feet a lot.

Anyway, Tamina, some help from AJ Lee, defeated Nikki Bella with a big splash from the top rope.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

After the match, Brie Bella drop kicked both AJ and Tamina, and guess what? Tamina left her feet again.

Meanwhile, WWE doctors were still looking at Orton's shoulder (for like an hour) when The Shield paid him a visit.

Orton was not pleased to see The Shield as he wondered where they were when Big Show attacked him. Dean Ambrose told Orton that it was none of his business where they were.

Seth Rollins told him that they don’t work for Guerrero, Maddox or Kane. Roman Reins chimed in that they damn sure don’t work for Orton.

Rollins told Orton to feel better and The Shield walked off.

Match 6 – Fandango vs. Tyson Kidd

Fandango and Kidd started the match at a very quick pace that saw Kidd gain the initial upper hand.

Fandango turned the tables, however, by tossing Kidd out of the ring. From there, Fandango grinded out some offense on Kidd.

Kidd got back in the match by hitting a hurricanrana that sent Fandango into the middle turnbuckle. He followed that up with a missile drop kick.

Fandango attempted to evade Kidd, but Kidd caught him with another hurricanrana from the ring apron to the outside of the ring.

Once back in the ring, Fandango rolled up Kidd and stole a quick victory.

Winner: Fandango

Match 7 – John Cena vs. The Real Americans

Cena started the match against Jack Swagger, who immediately went to work on Cena’s elbow.

Cena managed to throw Swagger, which made him want to tag in his partner Antonio Cesaro.

As soon as Cena and Cesaro locked up, Alberto Del Rio’s music hit and he made his way to the ring.

Meanwhile, the Real Americans cleverly gained control of the champion as the telecast went into commercial break.

After the break, Del Rio was now on commentary again and Cesaro was in complete control of Cena.

Cesaro tagged out in favor of Swagger, whom kept the momentum going. Cena managed to power out and land a back drop on Swagger. Swagger tagged right out. Cesaro walked right into a big move from Cena.

Cena went for a cover, but Cesaro kicked out. Cesaro tagged in Swagger again, who hit his big corner splash on Cena twice. He tried a third time, but Cena moved out of the way.

This provided an opening for Cena to pick up the pace with a series of shoulder blocks. Cesaro stopped him dead in his tracks, however, with a European upper cut as Cena was in mid air.

Cesaro then went to swing around Cena, but Cena countered into the STF. Cena couldn’t quite lock it in as Cesaro escaped the submission before it could do any damage.

Cesaro then tagged in Swagger without Cena knowing. Cena hit Cesaro with a back drop only for Swagger to come from behind and lock in the patriot lock.

Cena escaped by kicking Swagger into his corner. Cesaro tagged himself back into the match and attempted a cross body, but Cena caught him and attempted an attitude adjustment.

Swagger took out Cena’s knee, which made Cena drop Cesaro. Cesaro then attempted the neutralizer, but Cena flipped over Cesaro to escape.

Cesaro crawled to his corner to tag in Swagger, who immediately walked into a back drop to set up the five-knuckle shuffle. Cena hit the shuffle and picked up Swagger for the attitude adjustment. Swagger wiggled out and countered it into a patriot lock.

Cena countered again, and somehow hit the attitude adjustment. He crawled over for the pin, but Cesaro broke it up.

Swagger crawled to his corner again to tag in Cesaro, but he ran right into a rare power bomb from Cena. Cena went for another cover, but Cesaro kicked out.

Both men got to their feet and started exchanging blows. Cena won the exchange and hit the ropes, but was catapulted into the air and fell right into another huge European uppercut.

Cesaro went for a cover as well, but Cena somehow kicked out. Once Cena got to his feet, Cesaro charged at him and hit a running European uppercut.

He then put Cena on the top rope and climbed up with him. Cena knocked Cesaro off the rope. Cesaro tagged in Swagger, who went right after Cena on the top rope, but Cena knocked him off as well.

Cena then hit a cross body on Swagger and knocked Cesaro out of the ring. He immediately turned around and locked in the STF Swagger. Swagger tapped out.

Winner: John Cena

As soon as the bell rang, Cesaro jumped on top of Cena and began head butting him. Cena fought back and clotheslined Cesaro out of the ring.

Del Rio got into the ring and hit Cena with a steel chair to the midsection. Del Rio then put Cena’s bad arm in the chair and began stomping it. He then put Cena in the cross arm breaker while in the chair.

For some reason, Big E Langston decided to come to the ring and help Cena by tossing Del Rio out of the ring.

After the break, Del Rio storms into the general manager’s office and began to brag about what he did to Cena. Maddox told him that what he did to Cena was best for business.

Del Rio said that he was going to beat Cena at Survivor Series and that Langston should stay out of his business.

Kane then suggested that he make Langston feel how Cena feels.

Match 8 – Ryback vs. R-Truth

R-Truth attempted to slow down the big man with a headlock. Ryback powered out of it only for R-Truth to lock him in another one. Once again, Ryback powered out.

R-Truth decided to ditch the headlock idea and landed some slaps and kicks. His momentum didn’t last long as Ryback began overpowering his opponent.

Ryback eventually locked R-Truth in a bear hug. R-Truth managed to fight his way out of it and tried to get up and running, but was halted by a spine buster from Ryback.

Ryback then went for the meat hook clothesline, but R-Truth ducked under it. R-Truth then rolled up Ryback for the pin and gained an upset victory over the big man. That’s the second roll up win of the night.

Winner: R-Truth

Match 9 – Big E Langston vs. Alberto Del Rio

The two combatants began the match by exchanging blows, but Langston quickly turned the match in his favor by using his power to his advantage.

Langston went to charge at Del Rio in the corner, but Del Rio got his feet up to stop the big man. Del Rio then began to go to work on Langston.

While Del Rio was mounting his offense, the fans in Manchester started doing the wave.

In the ring, Langston began to get up and running and ended his series of moves with splash to Del Rio’s back.

He charged at Del Rio once again in the corner. Once again, Del Rio ducked out of the way. Del Rio followed that up with big kick to Langston.

Del Rio then attempted the cross arm breaker, but Langston got out of it and knocked Del Rio down hard.

Langston then pulled down the straps and went for the big ending, but Del Rio managed to counter it into the cross arm breaker.

For some reason, WWE thought it was a good idea for Langston, who is supposed to be this hulking beast, to tap out to Del Rio.

Winner via submission: Alberto Del Rio

The commentators didn’t sell the fact that Del Rio tapped out a power lifter at all, which made it even worse.

They acted like it meant absolutely nothing. All that work Orton did last week making Langston look good in that match just went right down the toilet.

After the break, a very banged up Paul Heyman was in the ring with Axel. Heyman sported a neck brace, a crutch, a sling on his right arm and a soft cast on his left leg. He was also sitting in a wheel chair.

Heyman said that he was in such bad shape because of what CM Punk did to him at Hell in a Cell. Heyman then said that CM Punk didn’t do it alone. He was no match for him one-on-one.

He said CM Punk was aided by that “big, ugly dummy Ryback.” Heyman said that he took Ryback under his wing and offered him a chance to be a “Paul Heyman guy.”

But Ryback let him down after he assured him that nothing would happen to him. Heyman said that most importantly, he blamed the fans for encouraging CM Punk to beat him down.

He then said that he was coming back with a vengeance and would eventually vanquish CM Punk. Speaking of CM Punk, he made his way to the ring.

Axel attempted to cut him off at the pass, but was met by GTS from CM Punk, which left him alone with Heyman.

CM Punk reached under the ring and grabbed a kendo stick. He then hopped in the ring and spun Heyman around in his wheel chair. He followed that up by dumping him out of it and hitting him in the back with the kendo stick. Heyman also had a back brace, by the way.

After Heyman was beaten to a pulp again, Daniel Bryan made his way to the ring as the show went into commercial break.

Match 10 – CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield – Handicap Match

Things got started with CM Punk and Ambrose. CM Punk and Ambrose had a brief exchange until CM Punk hit Ambrose with a heel kick.

CM Punk tagged in Bryan, who mounted some offense until Ambrose hit big elbow that took Bryan off his feet.

Ambrose then tagged in Rollins, but Bryan regained his composure and landed some big kicks and locked Rollins in that surfboard submission.

Bryan managed to tag CM Punk while keeping Rollins in the hold. CM Punk jumped and kicked Rollins in his chest. CM Punk kept the momentum up for his team.

CM Punk eventually attempted a GTS, but Rollins wiggled out and backed into his corner to tag in Reins

CM Punk and Reins engaged in a stare down before locking up. Reins won the exchange and landed some big shots to CM Punk’s midsection.

He tossed CM Punk into the ropes, but CM Punk managed to avoid him and get to his corner to tag in Bryan.

Bryan and CM Punk then began to chop Reins down to size as they traded kicks to Reins’ legs.

They both tossed him into the ropes, but Reins came off and hit a double clothesline. He then tossed CM Punk out of the ring and got Bryan to his corner so he could tag Rollins back in.

Rollins couldn’t get much going before Bryan began to pick up the pace, including hitting a vicious German suplex.

Bryan then began landing big kicks to Rollins’ chest. Ambrose caused a momentary distraction, but paid for it as took a kick to the head. Bryan turned around only to be hit with a drop kick from Rollins as the match went into commercial break.

After the break, Bryan and Rollins were still in the ring with Rollins in control. Rollins then tagged in Ambrose to keep the momentum up on Bryan.

Eventually, Reins got in on the fray and kept control of Bryan. Bryan fought back, but a big blow from Reins quickly stopped his momentum.

Bryan eventually dispatched both Rollins and Reins out of the ring, which gave him time to finally to get to his corner to tag in CM Punk. Reins managed to tag in Ambrose, but the momentum was firmly with CM Punk.

CM Punk jumped into the ring on fire and eventually hit the Macho Man elbow drop. He went to cover Ambrose, but Rollins broke it up. Bryan came off the top rope and hit Rollins with a missile drop kick and followed that up with a suicide dive.

Bryan had little time recuperate as Reins took him out on the outside. As soon Reins got up, CM Punk hit him with a suicide dive.

CM Punk then tried a springboard clothesline to Ambrose inside the ring, but Ambrose ducked under it. CM Punk then caught Ambrose with a big kick to the head.

He then attempted to put Ambrose in the GTS, but saw Reins coming after him, dropped Ambrose and put Reins in the GTS instead.

Ambrose quickly rolled CM Punk in a pin, but CM Punk kicked out. CM Punk then locked Ambrose in the anaconda vice, but the light went out.

Once they came back on, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper were standing in the ring and Bray Wyatt standing outside of it. CM Punk knocked Rollins into Harper who shoved him away. Rollins took offense and began shouting at Harper.

CM Punk and Bryan both left the ring, leaving Rollins and Ambrose to bicker with Rowan and Harper.

Eventually, things break down and the two teams begin brawling. Bray Wyatt wanted cooler heads to prevail, as he suggested that they go after the common enemy in Bryan and CM Punk.

They all agree, but before they could do any damage, the Usos and Goldust and Cody Rhodes come out and make the save.

Result: Who cares? The Shield and the Wyatt Family went at it for a little.