WWE Battleground 2013 results: Big Show ends WWE Championship match; CM Punk tops Ryback

Due to other professional obligations, I was not able to give a full, detailed recap of the show. But what I can say was that the show narrowly exceeded my low expectations.

The Rhodes family vs. The Shield match was great and so was the main event — until the horrible ending.

Nonetheless, here are your winners and loses in a abridged format.

Pre-show match – Dolph Ziggler defeated Damien Sandow via pin fall

World Heavyweight Championship - Alberto Del Rio retains World Heavyweight Championship over Rob Van Dam via submission

Unannounced match – Real Americans defeat Great Khali & Santino after Antonio Cesaro spun around Great Khali in an amazing display of strength.

Intercontinental Championship – Curtis Axel retains championship over R-Truth via pin fall

Divas Championship – AJ Lee retains title over Brie Bella via pin fall

Rhodes family defeats The Shield via pin fall in a great match.

Bray Wyatt defeats Kofi Kingston via pin fall. No surprise there.

CM Punk defeats Ryback via pin fall after he used a low blow.

WWE Championship – No-contest due to Big Show knocking out Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and official. Good match ruined by poor ending.

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