Patriots fan proves she's not a sore loser with $200 bar tip

The Happy Rooster, 16th and Sansom Streets.

Bartenders and waiters love to tell stories about tippers good and bad.

There’s the waitress who got a $5,000 tip and the bartender who got $2,000 at Rouge on Rittenhouse Square a few years ago, and the waitress at a now-closed Center City restaurant who got a pair of camo pants from actor Bill Murray.

Copy of credit-card slip left at the Happy Rooster by a big-tipping New England Patriots fan. We have masked her name and signature.

Now comes word from the Happy Rooster at 16th and Sansom Streets of a customer — a Patriots fan — who sat quietly at the bar Friday, had a cocktail and a shot of Jameson ($18.70), and left $200 for her bartender, Nick Kennedy.

The note of explanation on her credit-card receipt reads:

“From a Pats fan in Philly. Congrats.”

The 1,070-percent tip came out of nowhere, says Norris Jordan, husband of owner Debbie Jordan.

“He’s a super-nice young man,” Jordan said. “He just looked down and there it was.” He said Kennedy was unsure if the tip was for $2 or $200, so he went to find her but she had left.

For all of the supposed bitterness between the fan bases, he said, “this was a nice lesson — something you rarely hear about.”