Blue Duck in N.E. Philadelphia is closed

Co-owner Joe Callahan calling for an order to be picked up in December 2014, shortly after Blue Duck’s opening.

If it walks like a duck…

Blue Duck, the praised American BYOB in Holme Avenue Shopping Center in Northeast Philadelphia, closed this week.

A “notice to vacate” from the city Sheriff’s Department — typically a precursor to an eviction notice — was posted on the front door. Its phone has been disconnected. Philadelphia court records show that the corporation faces two judgments — one from a food distributor for about $2,900 and another from a security company for about $2,700.

Owner Joe Callahan did not return a message seeking comment — including word on how customers can get refunds on gift certificates. An Instagram post acknowledged the closing.

Blue Duck burst onto the scene in 2014, winning Burger Brawl two months before serving its first customers. Solid reviews followed.

Then came two more Duck doings in 2017: Blue Duck on Broad opened at the Bellevue; it closed two weeks ago. The Ugly Duckling, in Washington Square West, which opened last September, closed four months later.

Last fall, original partner Kris Serviss left the company; he now works for Northeast Sandwich Co. in Rhawnhurst and has no affiliation to Blue Duck.