Wister, a seafood-focused BYOB, opens in Old City

Ora King Salmon ($29) with heirloom carrot, lentil, and carrot reduction, at Wister, 26 N. Third St.

Former Lacroix sous chef Benjamin Moore has an Oct. 1 debut of Wister, a seafood-focused BYOB, at 26 N. Third Street in Old City. It fills the former 26 North.  

Moore, 35, is a French Culinary Institute grad whose background includes Jean-Georges Vongerichten's ABC Kitchen (under Dan Kluger) and Le Bec-Fin (he was the landmark's very last hire). Moore also worked two stints for Jon Cichon at Lacroix - first as a line cook before he left to work at Avance, and most recently as a.m. sous chef.

Moore ran the Sunday brunch service at Lacroix for the last two years.

At Wister - named after a 19th-century ironworker named John Wister - Moore has a rotating menu focusing on big, bold flavors that highlight the seasons. "I'm accustomed to working with the best ingredients," he said.

Fish is specialty. See the menu here

Most entrees are under $3o (there's a chicken-for-two for $55), though Moore said he may have to price some dishes higher if the quality supports it.

Dinner is served Tuesday to Saturday. Among plans are weekday lunch, Sunday brunch, and live jazz one night a week. 

It's on OpenTable.