Will Philly chefs get shut out in Food & Wine poll?

Everyone seems to believe that Philly is a food town, a dining destination with stellar cooking.

And every time that some publication dares to snub the city, the howlers rise up in indignation.

There's absolutely no excuse for the poor showing so far of the four Philly chefs in Food & Wine's polling for the People's Best New Chef in the Mid-Atlantic region.

A Sunday morning peek at the poll shows that a chef from D.C. has captured nearly one-quarter of the vote. He is closely followed by some dude from Pittsburgh, and another guy from Arlington, Va.

The top vote-getter from Philly was "Chip" Roman of Blackfish, with a piddling 5 percent of the vote, followed by Jeff Michaud of Osteria, David Gilberg of Koo Zee Doo, and Pierre Calmels of Bibou.

Get on there and vote now, or don't bellyache when Philly is shut out.

Food & Wine's online poll ends Tuesday (3/1).