Where to peep Jason Statham

Right on cue, Jason Statham and the cast and crew of the thriller Safe started shooting in Philly.

On Thursday and Friday, they were working in the restaurant space known as Cebu, on Chestnut Street just east of Second in Old City.

Jason Statham in "Crank."

Statham was doing a dining scene in which he interrupts his meal to confront a Russian no-goodnik. (Plot: Statham is an agent who rescues a Chinese girl, finds the combination to a safe, and has to fight off bad guys.)

That info is all fine and dandy. But they're not at Cebu anymore. What good will that do you?

So, my weekend readers, here's where to find them:

Saturday (10/30), they'll be on and around JFK Boulevard between 17th and 18th Streets, shooting the interiors of moving cars.

Sunday (10/31), they're due at 15th and Moravian Streets (that's near Sansom) to shoot more auto interiors.

Then they break until Wednesday (11/3), when they take over the inside of the club Shampoo.

Miss 'em? Fret not. They'll be here till mid-December.