What's up at Alla Spina?

Marc Vetri in front of what will be the bar at Alla Spina, 12/18/11. At rear is the walk-in beer refrigerator. The top of the fridge, where the yellow ladder is now, will accommodate a special table.

Marc Vetri does nothing traditionally.

Let's say you'll require a special table at Alla Spina, the Italian beer bar that he and his partners are opening next to Route 6 at 600 N. Broad St. If Vetri has his way, you'll be led up a ladder to the top of the walk-in beer fridge behind the bar for a private 6-top overlooking the restaurant. He is researching to see whether this sort of seating conforms to code.

Vetri is saying February for Alla Spina, which will boast a 25-seat, square-shaped bar, a lounge and other seating, and industrial, rock-and-roll vibe courtesy of the former Wilkie auto showroom's skylights and planned graffiti on the walls.

The whole facade on Mount Vernon Street will open up through special roll-up garage doors.