What's on the Four Chefs' next menu?


Four of Philly's hottest young chefs - Lee Styer at Fond, Jon Cichon at Lacroix, Nicholas Elmi at Rittenhouse Tavern, and Christopher Kearse at Will BYOB - are doing a set of four dinners at one another's restaurants.

The first was held last month at Will. The next $100-a-head feed is Monday, Feb. 4 at Rittenhouse Tavern at the Art Alliance. It's BYO-friendly, no corkage - though for $45 you get wine pairings. You can book at 6:30, 7 or 7:30 p.m.



The menu

Cichon: Abalone, Fermented Fennel, Dill, Prosciutto

Kearse: Pumpernickel Tortellini, Cider, Parsnip, Trout Roe

Elmi: Cold Pressed Foie Gras, Goat Milk, Pomegranate, Truffle

Styer: Roasted Sea Scallop, Golden Raisin

Cichon: Buttermilk Poached Sturgeon, Savoy Cabbage, Sweetbread, Truffle

Kearse: Moulard Duck "dans le foin", Meade, Winter Radish, Offal

Elmi: Warm Ricotta, Rosemary, Rosewater, Beet Root

Styer: Dark Chocolate, Praline, Sherry