Georges Perrier: End of an era

Georges Perrier, 3:35 p.m., Feb. 29, 2012

Georges Perrier has threatened to uproot Le Bec-Fin before, but this time it's for real.

For one thing, there's an orange liquor-license transfer notice hanging outside.

Second, he and new owner Nicolas Fanucci addressed the staff this afternoon. In sum, Saturday (3/3) is the finale for Le Bec-Fin under Perrier after 42 years (the first 13 of them on Spruce Street).

Perrier said he would travel. He also has two other restaurants, a cafe and a bread bakery to run.

Dude needs to heal.

And fast.

Last night, Perrier dropped into a class at Cook, the demo kitchen near Rittenhouse Square, looking for someone. While Healthy Bites caterer Katie Cavuto-Boyle led a class that I hosted for 17 people, Perrier stalked the back of the room and launched a bizarre, four-letter-word-filled rant about The Inquirer's Craig LaBan, who recently demoted Le Bec-Fin from its vaunted four-bell stature to that of two bells. (Le Bec's sale had been in the works long before the review appeared.) As patrons snickered, staff calmed him down and he left.

Anyway: Foul tempered or not, Perrier has done much for the city and its culinary scene.

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